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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Ask the Higher Powers to Bring Resolution to the Debate over Stem Cell Research

This week, when I found out about S 30, I felt angry about yet another effort by the Religious Right opposition to embryronic stem cell research. This biology holds such promise, I consider in-vitro assisted stem cell research a gift to humanity.

I found myself giving in to the negativity and wanting to “set some people straight.” The energy of the lower realms is not pleasant for me and I don't allow it to stay in my thoughts, emotions or energy fields. After I used sage to clear myself and my house, I projected my consciousness into the higher realms and checked in to discover why I felt so entangled in the war over the fate of a clump of cells. My guides gently reminded me that war and fighting does not bring peace to any situation. Just look at the war in Iraq. It continues to escalate, people continue to lose their lives and no resolution is in sight.

As one who embraces metaphysical concepts, I know that the power of thought is magnified by numbers. The more people we have fighting and producing negativity and ill-will, the more that mindset will grow. And, the more people we have thinking thoughts of peace and sending love (which casts out fear) and light (which helps us see Divine will), the more peace has a chance to grow. It's like the tuning fork effect that has been noticed by some vibrational scientists. If you strike a higher frequency tuning fork at the same time as other lower frequency tuning forks, the lower ones will automatically raise their frequencies to match the vibration of the higher pitched tuning fork.

I have refocused my efforts and decided to pursue the help of those in higher spiritual realms. This morning I asked ascended masters Jesus Christ, Krishna, Horus, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Isis, the Bodhisattvas, the Buddhas, and other loving, higher vibrational energies and deities to gently remind all of our elected officials that we are one in Spirit and that we all want what is best for humanity.

Each time I feel frustrated about the stem cell battle, I send love and light to the collective consciousness of humanity, the Senate and President Bush. If we are in agreement that God/Goddess’s highest and best be done regarding all types of stem cell research, I think it would be a more enlightened approach that might yield miraculous results.

I am praying for a cure for all types of disease and conditions and it doesn’t matter to me what research method brings it forward. As I publish my book Right to Recover and expose whatever truth and lies I’ve discovered in my research, my motive is not to cause more conflict. My hope is to bring peace to the issue and provide hope to those who suffer.

Why not join me in this peaceful effort by simply agreeing in thought or verbal prayer that whatever is best for humanity will be manifest in the decision of our political and religious leaders?

It’s worth a try, isn’t it?

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