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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Lieurance Review for Right to Recover

Title: Right to Recover - Winning the Political and Religious Wars Over Stem Cell Research in America
Author: Yvonne Perry
Publisher: Nightengale Press
ISBN 10: 1-933449-41-1, ISBN 13: 978-1-933449-41-8
Release Date: October 2007
Reviewed by: Suzanne Lieurance, Founder, Director, and Coaching Coordinator The National Writing for Children Center Home of the Children's Writers Coaching Club http://www.writingforchildrencenter.com./

"Why is there so much political and religious controversy over stem cell research in the United States? Author Yvonne Perry examines this very question in her new book, Right to Recover - Winning the Political and Religious Wars Over Stem Cell Research in America.

Perry believes that many political and religious leaders and anti-abortion groups have created this controversy by conveying incomplete and inaccurate information about stem cell research to the general public and then using this information to justify their own positions about such research that could lead to the recovery of millions of people who suffer from debilitating illnesses or accidents. These leaders have made stem cell research an ethical question, asserting (incorrectly) that blastocystic stem cells used for research destroy an embryo. Yet, in reality, these cells are not even organisms.

In many cases, our leaders may simply be misinformed themselves and pass on this incorrect information to others, assuming they are doing the right thing. Often times, though, there are other reasons for opposing stem cell research. It requires a lot of money, for one thing, and perhaps political leaders simply don't want federal funding used in this way.

Author Yvonne Perry strongly believes in stem cell research. She also strongly believes that the general public deserves to know the truth about this research and the resulting technology that could serve millions of people the world over.

As Perry herself says, "Right to Recover is an educational book created in hopes of shedding light upon, and making a difference in, the way we view blastocyst stem cell biology."

Perry effectively tackles the complicated task of explaining the technology of stem cell research and does so in clear, to-the-point chapters. She covers bone marrow, amniotic and cord blood stem cell treatments presently being used and their restorative effects. Her book also includes information and quotes from some of the top stem cell researchers in the world, making it clear that Perry did more than just "read up on" stem cell research in order to write about it. Perry is very thorough and answers most any question a reader could have about stem cell research and technology.

In the end, Right to Recover may not change everyone's mind about blastocyst stem cell research. But it will surely educate readers as to what this type of research is, and what it isn't. I hope it will also lead Americans to recover their right to know the whole truth about such important issues as this one.

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Griefcase said...

Yvonne Perry's book sounds fascinating. After reading the reviews by Suzanne Lieurance and others, I plan to pick up my own copy and catch up on a subject I seem to know so little about. I look forward to supporting and becoming involved in this heated debate in the short time spent reading over Yvonne's words.

Thank you Author Perry. Great job!

Linda Della Donna