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Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Big State News Today

The big state news today of course is Massachusetts’ Governor Deval Patrick’s decision to support stem cell research and biomedicine with more than a billion dollars—$1.25 billion over ten years—even split right down the middle, that is $50 million a year for research for the next decade.

The first African-American Governor in that state, Mr. Patrick pledged to support stem cell research all throughout a singularly vicious electoral campaign, during which he was outspent 3-1 (and definitely out trash-talked) by his massively-funded Republican rival.

The people of Massachusetts wanted fresh thinking; they had had enough of Mitt Romney’s negativity on stem cells: even the Republican rival seemed to recognize this, and did not attack Patrick on his stem cell research position. Deval Patrick won overwhelmingly—and the new Governor kept his promise. If he gets his way, Massachusetts will be a world-level force in stem cell research.

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