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Monday, May 21, 2007

California Institute for Regeneration wins 3-year Court Battle

It has been almost three years since anti-abortion groups launched a lawsuit attacking the California Institute for Regeneration. That fight is officially over! The lawsuits are gone, the major funding can begin. Here is a statement from the California State Controller’s Office:

Supreme Court of California Upholds Will of the Voters

SACRAMENTO – State Controller John Chiang today made the following statement in response to today’s Supreme Court ruling denying the petition to review the constitutionality of Proposition 71:

“I am pleased that the Supreme Court has reaffirmed the voters’ will and ended the litigation that tied up the funding for California’s investment in stem cell research.

“California can now issue the $3 billion in bonds to fund and accelerate stem cell research, offering hope of potential life-saving medical discoveries. Today’s ruling will also help the State move quickly to foster opportunities in medical science and new technologies.”

Controller Chiang chairs the California Financial Accountability Oversight Committee of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, and also appoints members to the Institute’s Independent Citizens Oversight Committee.

Meanwhile, the struggle goes on. Find out more . . .

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