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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Iraq Veterans for Cures

Corporal Noah R. Currier, United States Marine Corps has served two terms overseas, one in Afghanistan, the other in Iraq—and then the driver of his jeep fell asleep at the wheel. Their vehicle struck a tree and rolled down a 20 foot embankment, leaving Corporal Currier with a spinal cord injury, paralyzed, numb from the chest down.

Corporal Currier is an advocate for stem cell research.

On his Web site is http://www.ivcure.com I read:

Iraq Veterans for Cures -- We are American Veterans of the war in Iraq who have served our country unquestioningly and unconditionally when called upon by our President. We demanded no personal glory or benefits, but rather, sought to protect the interests and well-being of our country and fellow citizens. While many soldiers made the ultimate sacrifice, there are many of us who have come home with paralyzed limbs, also sacrificing for American policy.

Yet, we feel ignored by those we served.

“……The Iraq Veterans for Cures find it unconscionable that the very same President who sent us to war threatens to take away our hope and chance for recovery. Religious convictions and the spread of false information by extremists should not stand in the way of humanitarian policy-making at home; policy that might improve the health of all Americans. The Iraq Veterans for Cures therefore urge our President to heed our plea after the selfless service we gave our country.

The time has come for us to ask the President to stand up for us by withdrawing his threat to veto the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act."

President Bush has not seen fit to reconsider his position on embryonic stem cell research.

Read more about Iraq Veterans and stem cell research in the archived section of

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