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Right to Recover ~ Winning the Political and Religious Wars Over Stem Cell Research in America presents scientific facts that challenge readers to think for themselves rather than accept political or religious views on stem cell research.


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Friday, May 18, 2007

Right To Recover - A Book Review by G. L. Helm

Yvonne Perry
ISBN: 1-933449-41-1
Nightengale Press
10936 N. Port Washington Rd. Suite 206
Mequon , WI 53092

Ms. Yvonne Perry has written a marvelous book on Stem Cell research with her volume Right to Recover. It is extensively researched, closely reasoned, and obviously very close to her heart. The book is chocked full of facts and figures and yet it is in a readable style that makes all the dry statistics seem not at all burdensome. When the book comes out in Sept. 2007 I would highly recommend getting a copy and studying it closely for the facts, both political and scientific, included there in. The only trouble with Ms. Perrys book is that it will probably never be read by the people who truly need to understand its import. Ms. Perry is preaching to the choir in this wonderful volume and, so long as the present administration and its wrong-headed, self-righteous backers are in power, nothing is going to change. Nevertheless, the book is drop dead great.

G. L. Helm
Author of the novels, OTHER DOORS, A Fantasy of Peace, and DESIGN, and publisher of the Antelope Valley Anthologies, RED SKIS LIKE NO WHERE ELSE ON EARTH, and ALDOUS HUXLEY SLEPT HERE.

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