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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Sabrina Cohen on 940 WINZ: The Jim DeFede Show

As an advocate for stem cell research, Sabrina Cohen (left photo) was interviewed on The Jim DeFede Show on 940 WINZ, a progressive radio talk show, to discuss her thoughts as about President Bush's decision to once again veto legislation that would expand federal funding for embryonic stem cell research. Included in her 20-minute interview, Sabrina said that despite her opposition to his decision, the government will not slow down alternative means of funding this research, such as private funding, state, and organizations like the Sabrina Cohen Foundation for Stem Cell Research. If anything, it only fuels us to work harder.

To hear Sabrina’s interview and everything else she had to say, Listen here

Friday, June 29, 2007

New Book Explores the War over Stem Cell Research

By Blogging Authors

RIGHT TO RECOVER: Winning the Political and Religious Wars Over Stem Cell Research in America RIGHT TO RECOVER: Winning the Political and Religious Wars Over Stem Cell Research in America, by Yvonne Perry gives readers an accurate ...

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Book Review by Dr. Samantha Joseph

Yvonne Perry has presented the truth behind the stem cell debate through her diligent work in sifting through the information presented to the public as propaganda or hard core research. It is a must read for anyone who chooses by their conscious action to take an educated stance toward supporting or objecting to furthering stem cell research whether here or in another country. This book definitely clears up the unsupported religious stance against stem cell research. My prayers are upon this book to get it into the hands of influential people who can educate and sway the masses.

Samantha Joseph, DC, ND
Co-Founder of Hansa Center for Optimum Health

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Video trailer for Right to Recover

Dorothy Thompson with Pump Up Your Book Promotion PR will be sending me on a virtual tour for my book Right to Recover: Winning the Political and Religious Wars over Stem Cell Research in America. My tour will be later this summer.

Find out who is on tour now at http://www.virtualbooktoursforauthors.blogspot.com

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Jamieson Wolf works with Dorothy and he has created a video trailer for my book. You can view it on YouTube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k3zldRdECpI

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Virtual Book Tour coming soon!

Plan to be part of the blog action when Yvonne Perry goes on a virtual tour in September!


The reality of stem cell research

From The Anniston Star on 06-26-2007

Scientists throughout the world have said that research on embryonic (blastocystic) stem cells holds the promise of cures for scores of diseases and conditions. Today, in fertility labs around the country, stem cells from unused embryos are routinely destroyed. These and stem cell byproducts from other sources could be used for this research. But the research is expensive and without federal funding the search for cures will slow to a crawl — at least in the United States.

Congress has passed a bill that would allow federal funding for stem-cell research under ethical guidelines and controlled conditions.

President Bush promised to veto it and did — even though polls show that a majority of Americans support the provisions of the bill.

However, there is an executive order, issued by the president, which allows federally funded research using stem cells obtained prior to a certain date.

One can argue the illogic of older stem cells being acceptable while later ones are not, but logic is not at issue here. The veto was a payoff to social conservatives and the religious right.

Supporters of the bill will try to override the veto and probably fail. In all probability the Republicans in our delegation will turn their backs on the people and support the president.

When the override fails, supporters of stem-cell research are planning to add a provision similar to the bill to some “must-pass” legislation that will come up soon.

Good luck. Congress tried to use the power of the purse to force the president to accept the will of the people and begin pulling out of Iraq. Yet, when Bush has made up his mind, the will of the people hardly counts.

Read the rest of this article ...

An interview with author Yvonne Perry on stem cell book

Here is a transcript of an interview I did with bloggingauthors.com --a fantastic place to gather information about books on any topic.

Learn more about me and why I wrote a book on stem cell research when it is such a controversial subject.

You may want to subscribe to the feed for blogging authors at http://www.bloggingauthors.com/feed/ to keep up-to-date on new book releases, author interviews, and book reviews.


Clinton Pledges to Lift Ban on Stem Cell Research

By Politics 2.0 Blog(Politics 2.0 Blog)

"Hillary Clinton said today that science, not narrow ideology, should drive our national research agenda, and pledged to lift the ban on ethical embryonic stem cell research. At a conversation at Dartmouth College in Hanover, ...

Monday, June 25, 2007

Book Review by David A. Jernigan

"The promise of regeneration; the repairing of tissue; the restoration of what has been damage are the attraction of stem cell regenerative medicine. More than any other facet of medicine, unlocking the potential of stem cell therapy would be the “Holy Grail” of medicine. However the misinformation about stem cell therapy has bogged down the forward progress of researchers and led politicians and the clergy astray. Misinformation such as the fact that Yvonne Perry so eloquently brings forward, that "embryonic" stem cell therapy has nothing to do with embryos, and never will. This is an insightful and very important book that should be sent to every doctor, politician, religious leader, and definitely to anyone seeking to know the truth!"

“Every generation has been convinced of their mastery over science. At one point only a few hundred years ago, the learned proclaimed that all that can be known is now known.” With technology and information so readily available today it is tempting for many to feel they “know” what “embryonic” stem cell research is all about, most often this is the furthest from the truth. Yvonne Perry has sifted through the research and propaganda and found much of the true knowledge to date on this important topic and presented it in such a way as to appeal to the layperson and professional alike.

Yours in Health and Healing,

David A. Jernigan, D.C.Author: Everyday Miracles by God's Design and Beating Lyme DiseaseFounder: Hansa Center for Optimum HealthWichita, KS 67208

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Do You Think Drug Companies Might Be Behind the Plan to Hold Back Federal Funding for Blastocystic Stem Cell Research Too?

This video is about 13 minutes long, so please watch it when you have the time to see it through. This kind of thing is happening on a regular basis in this country. The best things we can do to stop this are to vote people into office who will not be bought by the pharmaceutical companies, and to spend our money on things that will truly make us well, such as healthy, unprocessed, organic whole foods, and care by natural and alternative health care practitioners and counselors who do not use drugs and surgery to "fix" a problem.

Dolly the Sheep

Even though the first cloned animal, Dolly the Sheep, is no longer alive, the controversy over cloning is still going 10 years later. See nature.com for the story.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Arizona Chapter of the National Parkinson's Foundation- Rayillyn Brown

Rayilyn Brown writes:

I was a lifelong Republican in 1996 when I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. In 1999 when I presented SCNT info at the Murietta Federated Republican Women’s Club in CA, I was met with a frosty reception.

I do not believe microscopic UNDIFFERENTIATED CELLS are people. When Bush vetoed HR 810 in 2001, I changed parties since most Dems (even Catholic Dems) support hESCR. Since the GOP is now controlled by religious fascists who start wars that kill real people, I don't want to be associated with them. This is not a matter of left and right "parties", but of issues.

I have no moral qualms about using cells for research and would have this same position if I were well, but being an ovarian cancer survivor and 11-year Parkinson’s (PD) prisoner I am enraged when scientists’ hands are tied by Stone Age theology and lies are spread about adult stem cell "cures".

1. Look around you. If this were true there wouldn't be so many "uncured" people.

2. On 3-24-2006 Dennis Turner told me by phone that his PD had returned with a vengeance, but he is still being touted by Senator Brownback as an adult stem cell success. For the whole story read Chapter 11 of Yvonne Perry's new book RIGHT TO RECOVER.

3. There are about 9 actual cures for blood disorders and cancers, not 72, 80 or whatever claimed by the FRC and Bush & Co.

People like me suffer with every breath we take and wonder how you can oppose medical research that might help us. To most of us it seems that you are the real cruel killers.

Rayillyn Brown
Board Member AZNPF
Arizona Chapter of the National Parkinson's Foundation

Friday, June 22, 2007

New formats for Right to Recover

I started recording a reading of my book this week. Soon I will be able to offer an audio CD or Right to Recover, Winning the Political and Religious Wars over Stem Cell Research in America.

I also plan to have an eBook available by July 15th so stayed tuned for more information about these offers. Best thing to do is to subscribe to the RSS Feed on the left side bar of this blog so you will get an email whenever I post new material.

Yvonne Perry

McCain Campaign Claims Romney Shifted on Stem Cells

By jurgis501

A blog entry at the New York Times discusses the McCain campaign's latest allegations that Mitt Romney flip-flopped on the hot-button issue of public funding for embryonic stem cell research. On abortion, Romney has clearly switched his....

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Wisconsin Stem Cell Now

Today President Bush followed through on his promise to veto legislation in Congress that would have allowed federal funding of research using excess blastocysts donated by fertility clinics.

Critics of stem cell research simultaneously tie the hands of researchers and criticize them for their lack of progress. Meanwhile, those of us who see the potential for medical breakthroughs wait and get frustrated.

Beginning in early 2007, the Board of Directors of Wisconsin Stem Cell Now began a process of rethinking the strategic vision and growth of our organization. We have been speaking with lobbyists, public relations firms, and other nonprofit groups about ways for our organization to become a bigger player in the public debate. The process has been slower than I would like, but I am confident that Wisconsin Stem Cell Now can make the next step from a group of parents, spouses and volunteers to an organization that can get the attention of policymakers.

Your continued support is crucial to our success. I will keep you informed of developments with our organization.

Thank you,

Ed Fallone
Wisconsin Stem Cell Now, Inc.
phone: (414)412-5772
email: info@wistemcellnow.org
Visit Us On The Web: www.wistemcellnow.org

Medical challenges don't stop these heroic parents

The morning after her son’s (Ryan) diagnosis of cerebral palsy at the age of two, Mary Schneider remembered that she had saved her son’s cord blood in a cord blood bank. After an exhaustive search, she found a doctor willing to infuse the stem cells from the blood. In October 2005, Ryan underwent a simple procedure. For 20 minutes, the stem cells were dripped though an IV in the back of his hand. This was followed by a saline drip for two hours. Ryan went home and Mary waited.

Today, Ryan is a normal four-year-old who walks and talks. He is at his normal weight and his development is at or above his age level. Although there is no guarantee that all children will respond as positively, the results were dramatic. More research is being done.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Introduction to Right to Recover

Click here to hear the author, Yvonne Perry, read this introduction...

I met Reverend Dan Bloodworth in 2005 and immediately became intrigued by his enthusiasm regarding stem cell research. Dan’s All-American athlete son, Brian, suffered a spinal cord injury when he was hit by lightning in 1987. Motivated by his desire to find a treatment that would allow his son to communicate and become mobile again, Dan has devoted 16 years of his life to learn everything he could about stem cell research and share that information with anyone willing to listen. I am inspired by this ordinary man who believes he can make the world a better place by helping others understand the facts about this controversial issue.

While working with Michael Davis on his book, FROM TRAGEDY TO TRIUMPH: A Personal Story about Living with Quadriplegia, I became keenly aware of, and very interested in, the healing potential that blastocyst (also known as embryonic) stem cell research offers victims of spinal cord injury, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, cancer, renal failure, paralysis, heart disease, and many other illnesses. By diligently using his communication skills to secure equal rights for persons with disabilities, Mr. Davis, battling quadriplegia himself, has made an impact on the way disadvantaged citizens are treated. Michael Davis is determined to help as many people as possible in any way he can. I am inspired by this man confined to a wheelchair who has impacted society in such a positive manner.

Listen to Michael Davis tell his story...

While I was assisting Michael with his book, H.R. 810 (the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act of 2005) was passed by Congress. Supporters held their breath while they hoped and prayed that funds would be released for blastocyst stem cell research. Influenced by the opinion of narrow-minded politicians and members of the religious community, President Bush’s decision to veto H.R. 810 had a heartbreaking impact on members of our society who have physical and medical disabilities. His decision and the mindset of the misinformed right-wing ultra-orthodox party must be challenged if our society is to benefit from blastocyst stem cell biotechnology. And that is why I wrote this book.

RIGHT TO RECOVER is an educational book created in hopes of shedding light upon, and making a difference in, the way we view blastocyst stem cell biology. I am not a doctor or scientist specializing in a particular field of research; I am a planetary healer and global citizen involved in bringing peace and goodwill to humankind. I have been blessed with a talent for writing, communication, and technical research, which I use daily to enlighten and strengthen my fellow sojourners. You will need to keep an open mind while reading and pondering this book. Otherwise, your ego may become offended before your spirit has a chance to process the information.

RIGHT TO RECOVER contains well-researched facts about all types of stem cell technology and lends insight into the political and religious issues surrounding blastocyst stem cell technology. The book covers bone marrow, amniotic and cord blood stem cell treatments presently being used and their restorative effects. It also explores the use of blastocyst stem cell technology on laboratory animals, and presents findings to support the curative potential of this technology on humans. I’ve used Biblical references to show why a 12- to 48-hour-old mass of human cells is NOT a human being and how God has given us stem cell technology as a scientific gift for healing. As you can tell from the bibliography, the information in this book was derived from intensive research, personal interviews, emails, and other correspondence with national and international medical doctors, research scientists, religious leaders, and elected officials. I have included stories from patients who hope to transform their lives through stem cell implants.

The topic of stem cell research is making headlines in every country. You may have read articles and heard stories that are not exactly true. RIGHT TO RECOVER will not present you with glossed over fairy tales about how stem cells can miraculously cure any disease, and it will not promote fear-based rumors you may have heard from the pulpit on Sunday. This book is factual and is the result of at least 400 hours of Internet searching, article reading, face-to-face interviews, emails, and phone calls with scientific experts on all types of stem cell research.

The landscape in this field changes very quickly as new breakthroughs are reported almost daily. Therefore, some of the material in this book may be outdated by the time it is published. I plan to publish an updated version of this book each year as progress is made. I recommend that you visit www.right2recover.com periodically to check for new material.

Stem cell technology should not be the political or religious issue it has become. Every decision maker should investigate scientifically proven facts before making a decision regarding any issue that affects other people. Those who oppose stem cell research do not have all the facts. It is my hope to inform readers and bring about an understanding that will remove the stumbling blocks and release funds for all types of stem cell and biotech research in the US. We all have the right to recover.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Book Review by AllBooks Reviews

Right to Recover: Winning the Political and Religious Wars over Stem Cell Research In America

Author: Yvonne Perry

If you have been unable to settle on an educated opinion concerning stem cell research, this well laid out book should end your dilemma.

Stem cell research is being conducted for both medical and scientific reasons. It could be the answer to many debilitating and terminal afflictions including Cancer, Parkinson's Disease, Arthritis, Spinal Cord Injury and many more.

It is clearly evident that Yvonne Perry has spent countless hours researching the two categories of stem cells; adult and embryonic. “Adult Stem Cells” are harvested from umbilical cord blood, the placenta, amniotic fluid and bone marrow. “Embryonic Stem Cells” are harvested from fertilized eggs created in-vitro (outside the body). It has already been proven that adult stem cells can repair and regenerate diseased cells. Stem cells contain pertinent information as to how the cell develops. From this information the scientist can learn what is needed to prevent genes from becoming dysfunctional or produce drugs or treatment to cure the ones that are already diseased.

Without overstepping, Yvonne Perry presents both religious and political opinions. The facts that she enlightens us with are enough that we should all ponder what is really going on in the name of religion and politics. Just how much either can control our present and our future.

The author, Yvonne Perry has surpassed her goal of educating each reader with an honest evaluation of this controversial subject. Stem cell possibilities are without a doubt a realistic aspect of our future yet an ethical and political debate in our present. ‘Right to Recover’ is complete with Index, Appendix and Bibliography, with well laid out current information. She is a freelance writer, author, keynote speaker and ghostwriter. Her books are evidence of her natural desire to assist people along a spiritual path, as they are well researched and challenge people’s belief systems.

I would highly recommend everyone read this book.
Reviewer: Cheryl Ellis, Allbooks Review.

Available through Amazon or order from your local bookstore.

Title: Right to Recover: Winning the Political and Religious Wars over Stem Cell Research in America
Author: Yvonne Perry
ISBN-13: 978-1-933449-41-8
Publisher: Nightengale Press
Pages: 324
Price: $19.95
June 2007

Monday, June 11, 2007

Stem Cells a Hard Sell

Rayilyn Brown wrote the following letter to her local newspaper, Arizona Republic:

Dear Editor:

Once again the US Congress has passed legislation that would allow federal funding of research on blastocysts slated for destruction by IVF clinics, and once again President Bush will veto the hopes of millions of living suffering people.

Arizona congressmen voted along party lines on S.5. The Democrats were all for it, but shamefully, the Republicans were all against helping sick people. They lie about the research, claiming it involves murdering "tiny humans" and is unnecessary because adult stem cells are just as good. Embryonic stem cell research involves microscopic undifferentiated cells in a Petri dish and the presence of millions of "uncured" people ought to be enough to convince reasonable people that cures from any kind of stem cells are a distant dream.

We have lost not only valuable time with respect to the sick and dying, but leadership in medical research. When cures come from Israel, Singapore or the UK perhaps our hopes will be revived. In the meantime it would be helpful if papers like the Arizona Republic showed more leadership in educating the public. The more people know about this research, the more likely they are to support it. A majority of the American people do support ESCR, but the Religious Right's campaign of falsehood and fear has been very successful in preventing progress.

Rayilyn Brown, Board Member, AZNPF
Arizona Chapter National Parkinson's Foundation

A Major Change in the House

A major change will be proposed in the House—a change which will force the bill to be taken up by the Senate again—which gives us another chance to get that 67th vote, the magic veto over-ride majority, two thirds plus one.

The change? A ban on reproductive cloning…

Reproductive cloning is already illegal two times in California—first prohibited in legislation by Senator Deborah Ortiz and secondly banned in the California Constitution itself, language criminalizing it put there by Proposition 71—and nobody wants it anyway.

Here is one thing every scientist, every politician, every citizen blessed with sanity can agree on.

Nobody wants this—except the enemies of research—who want to keep the issue of reproductive cloning alive as a way to scare people. Reproductive cloning is the bizarre science fiction possibility of multiplying babies through the Dolly the sheep methodology. Not only would this accomplish no useful purpose (we can make plenty babies other ways!) but it would put the life of both mother and child at risk.

The opposition must no longer be allowed to use the fantasy fears of reproductive cloning as a way to block responsible stem cell research.

We cannot let them control the terms of the debate. As long as we let the opposition to lump together the realistic with the ridiculous, that long will they be able to block the research we must have.

We must separate the fantasy fear of reproductive cloning from the helpful hope of Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer.

Remember SCNT? The stem cell support community has been working so hard to pass the very cautious Stem Cell Research Act that we have almost stopped talking about what we must have to make cures happen.

But the needs of the research must not be defined by the current administration’s myopia. Longer-sighted people must prevail.

Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer (SCNT) is the single most important advance for all who suffer chronic illness and injury.

Patient-specific cell lines, which cannot be rejected by the patient’s body because they are part of his or her body—that’s only half the possibility—think also of the disease-specific cell lines that will lower medical costs by allowing scientists to study diseases in a Petri dish instead of the patient.

But to get there, we must defeat the scare tactics of the ideologues.

If we can remove the imaginary threat of reproductive cloning as an issue, their biggest bugaboo, their scariest imaginary Weapon of Mass Deception will be gone.

They know this, and we can expect them to fight very hard against a ban on reproductive cloning. They want to ban SCNT too.


Friday, June 8, 2007

Audio Introduction of Right to Recover

Listen to an audio introduction to Right to Recover read by the author, Yvonne Perry.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Help CAMR help others

Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act (S.5) passed the House of Representatives today by a vote of 246-173. S.5 will expand federal support for blastocytic (embryonic) stem cell research by relaxing the date to include cell lines created after August 2001, thus opening possible doors to new knowledge, therapies and cures.

The bill will soon be sent to President George Bush with the hopes that he will change his position and sign the bill into law. As you know, President Bush vetoed a similar bill, H.R. 810, when it was presented to him last year.

Please call the White House with a message of hope, urging President Bush to sign S.5, the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act, into law. The number for the White House opinion line is 202-456-1111. This number is only open from 9am to 5pm EST. You may also call the White House Switchboard at 202-456-1414.

Sean Tipton,
CAMR President