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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Introduction to Right to Recover

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I met Reverend Dan Bloodworth in 2005 and immediately became intrigued by his enthusiasm regarding stem cell research. Dan’s All-American athlete son, Brian, suffered a spinal cord injury when he was hit by lightning in 1987. Motivated by his desire to find a treatment that would allow his son to communicate and become mobile again, Dan has devoted 16 years of his life to learn everything he could about stem cell research and share that information with anyone willing to listen. I am inspired by this ordinary man who believes he can make the world a better place by helping others understand the facts about this controversial issue.

While working with Michael Davis on his book, FROM TRAGEDY TO TRIUMPH: A Personal Story about Living with Quadriplegia, I became keenly aware of, and very interested in, the healing potential that blastocyst (also known as embryonic) stem cell research offers victims of spinal cord injury, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, cancer, renal failure, paralysis, heart disease, and many other illnesses. By diligently using his communication skills to secure equal rights for persons with disabilities, Mr. Davis, battling quadriplegia himself, has made an impact on the way disadvantaged citizens are treated. Michael Davis is determined to help as many people as possible in any way he can. I am inspired by this man confined to a wheelchair who has impacted society in such a positive manner.

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While I was assisting Michael with his book, H.R. 810 (the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act of 2005) was passed by Congress. Supporters held their breath while they hoped and prayed that funds would be released for blastocyst stem cell research. Influenced by the opinion of narrow-minded politicians and members of the religious community, President Bush’s decision to veto H.R. 810 had a heartbreaking impact on members of our society who have physical and medical disabilities. His decision and the mindset of the misinformed right-wing ultra-orthodox party must be challenged if our society is to benefit from blastocyst stem cell biotechnology. And that is why I wrote this book.

RIGHT TO RECOVER is an educational book created in hopes of shedding light upon, and making a difference in, the way we view blastocyst stem cell biology. I am not a doctor or scientist specializing in a particular field of research; I am a planetary healer and global citizen involved in bringing peace and goodwill to humankind. I have been blessed with a talent for writing, communication, and technical research, which I use daily to enlighten and strengthen my fellow sojourners. You will need to keep an open mind while reading and pondering this book. Otherwise, your ego may become offended before your spirit has a chance to process the information.

RIGHT TO RECOVER contains well-researched facts about all types of stem cell technology and lends insight into the political and religious issues surrounding blastocyst stem cell technology. The book covers bone marrow, amniotic and cord blood stem cell treatments presently being used and their restorative effects. It also explores the use of blastocyst stem cell technology on laboratory animals, and presents findings to support the curative potential of this technology on humans. I’ve used Biblical references to show why a 12- to 48-hour-old mass of human cells is NOT a human being and how God has given us stem cell technology as a scientific gift for healing. As you can tell from the bibliography, the information in this book was derived from intensive research, personal interviews, emails, and other correspondence with national and international medical doctors, research scientists, religious leaders, and elected officials. I have included stories from patients who hope to transform their lives through stem cell implants.

The topic of stem cell research is making headlines in every country. You may have read articles and heard stories that are not exactly true. RIGHT TO RECOVER will not present you with glossed over fairy tales about how stem cells can miraculously cure any disease, and it will not promote fear-based rumors you may have heard from the pulpit on Sunday. This book is factual and is the result of at least 400 hours of Internet searching, article reading, face-to-face interviews, emails, and phone calls with scientific experts on all types of stem cell research.

The landscape in this field changes very quickly as new breakthroughs are reported almost daily. Therefore, some of the material in this book may be outdated by the time it is published. I plan to publish an updated version of this book each year as progress is made. I recommend that you visit www.right2recover.com periodically to check for new material.

Stem cell technology should not be the political or religious issue it has become. Every decision maker should investigate scientifically proven facts before making a decision regarding any issue that affects other people. Those who oppose stem cell research do not have all the facts. It is my hope to inform readers and bring about an understanding that will remove the stumbling blocks and release funds for all types of stem cell and biotech research in the US. We all have the right to recover.

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