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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The reality of stem cell research

From The Anniston Star on 06-26-2007

Scientists throughout the world have said that research on embryonic (blastocystic) stem cells holds the promise of cures for scores of diseases and conditions. Today, in fertility labs around the country, stem cells from unused embryos are routinely destroyed. These and stem cell byproducts from other sources could be used for this research. But the research is expensive and without federal funding the search for cures will slow to a crawl — at least in the United States.

Congress has passed a bill that would allow federal funding for stem-cell research under ethical guidelines and controlled conditions.

President Bush promised to veto it and did — even though polls show that a majority of Americans support the provisions of the bill.

However, there is an executive order, issued by the president, which allows federally funded research using stem cells obtained prior to a certain date.

One can argue the illogic of older stem cells being acceptable while later ones are not, but logic is not at issue here. The veto was a payoff to social conservatives and the religious right.

Supporters of the bill will try to override the veto and probably fail. In all probability the Republicans in our delegation will turn their backs on the people and support the president.

When the override fails, supporters of stem-cell research are planning to add a provision similar to the bill to some “must-pass” legislation that will come up soon.

Good luck. Congress tried to use the power of the purse to force the president to accept the will of the people and begin pulling out of Iraq. Yet, when Bush has made up his mind, the will of the people hardly counts.

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1 comment:

Shinade said...

Hooray for you!!! As a mother who has a daughter with Turner's Syndrome I applaud your effort. We all know that Row versus Wade will never be revoked. And my daughter's very life could be extended via stem cell research. As a christian I would think that God prefer the cells be put to some good use...rather than just thrown away. If the fetus is aborted anyway...why not at least use what is there to help millions around the world who suffer from genetic disorders?