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Monday, June 11, 2007

Stem Cells a Hard Sell

Rayilyn Brown wrote the following letter to her local newspaper, Arizona Republic:

Dear Editor:

Once again the US Congress has passed legislation that would allow federal funding of research on blastocysts slated for destruction by IVF clinics, and once again President Bush will veto the hopes of millions of living suffering people.

Arizona congressmen voted along party lines on S.5. The Democrats were all for it, but shamefully, the Republicans were all against helping sick people. They lie about the research, claiming it involves murdering "tiny humans" and is unnecessary because adult stem cells are just as good. Embryonic stem cell research involves microscopic undifferentiated cells in a Petri dish and the presence of millions of "uncured" people ought to be enough to convince reasonable people that cures from any kind of stem cells are a distant dream.

We have lost not only valuable time with respect to the sick and dying, but leadership in medical research. When cures come from Israel, Singapore or the UK perhaps our hopes will be revived. In the meantime it would be helpful if papers like the Arizona Republic showed more leadership in educating the public. The more people know about this research, the more likely they are to support it. A majority of the American people do support ESCR, but the Religious Right's campaign of falsehood and fear has been very successful in preventing progress.

Rayilyn Brown, Board Member, AZNPF
Arizona Chapter National Parkinson's Foundation

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