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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Motorcycles and Money: Keys to Research?

The passion good people bring to the research funding effort never ceases to amaze me.

As the scientific world knows, Dr. Hans Keirstead is a man to watch—and, more importantly, to help.

If he wins, we all win.

His efforts to advance neurological regeneration are mind-boggling. If you ever get a chance to listen to one of his speeches, don’t miss it. Not only does he speak with the flame of utter conviction, and with a depth of understanding that Einstein would approve—but he is actually understandable! (Well, most of the time anyway—anyone who can take the mountain-to-mountain intellectual leaps he does is completely comprehensible—but even I can get enough to know that here is something amazingly valuable.) His talks inspire, give hope, educate, and are sometimes even fun!

So here are two outstanding individuals, David Bailey and Ernesto Fonseca, who want to make sure Dr. Hans gets the funding he needs to make the magic happen.

There is an upcoming opportunity to hear Dr. Keirstead speak - August 26 at the Robert and Margrit Mondavi Center, UC Davis. Visit http://researchforcure.org/events.htm

Don Reed

PAN Action Alert

Ray Brown posted a PAN Action Alert yesterday and we want to be ready to respond to the next legislative challenge in Congress. "Labor-HHS Appropriations" is the bill that would move the date of current federal policy on stem cell research from August 9, 2001 to June 16, 2007.

Let your Senators know you support this incremental effort to allow more stem cell lines available for research. Vote to come up before August. We are writing because we believe that getting more people to sign up for PAN's Action Alerts is vital to this effort.

We each have a wide network of contacts - let's contact them about signing up for PAN's Action Alerts.

Are you signed up?

Do you have children or nieces or nephews? Are they signed up?

What about your friends and neighbors? Are they signed up?

When you go to the doctor - why not ask her/him if they are signed up? Andthe nursing staff?

When I go to PD forums, I ask all of the Drug reps if they are signed up.

This is personal to us. It is we who suffer from this disease. We urge you to take a personal interest in this effort. It may be one of the most important advocacy tasks you take on this year. Congress listens when their constituents contact them about issues, and they really pay attention when large blocks of voters contact them. We need a large block of voters to sign up AND respond to PAN's action alerts. We need to mobilize PWP and their families and friends. Let's create a block that cannot be ignored.

Rayilyn Brown, AZ-NPF Board Member

and Jean Burns,

AZ-APDA Webmaster

Arizona Advocates fighting for change

Friday, July 27, 2007

IVF Procedures

IVF procedures have taken the fertilization/conception process out of the human body. See Yvonne Perry's RIGHT TO RECOVER, Chapter Two, pages 52-53 "the profound difference between fertilization and conception is frequently forgotten. Fertilization can happen in a laboratory, but the conception of a human individual can only happen after the fertilized oocyte is implanted in the uterus."

Note: my friend microbiologist Dr. Ira Roy is Hindu and she wholeheartedly supports hESCR*

Rayilyn Brown

Board Member AZNPF

Arizona Chapter National Parkinson's Foundation

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Healthcare Research: Ask your Congresspeople Where They Stand

Sun Jul 22, 2007 at 11:57:46 AM PDT

This is a community action project:

Search for your Congresspeople and Senators

If they have not yet completed the 15 question survey about their views on health care research, then please use the form to ask them to put their views in writing.

The survey, which they received in May, asks their views about funding for NIH, CDC, and science education; American health care coverage and Medicare; and stem cell research. They can complete it by mail, fax, email, or on-line.

There is no excuse for any Congressperson to refuse to let their constituents know where they stand -- and to let us hold them accountable if their words are not backed up by actions.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Lab Warns of Politics in Research

By JASON ROSENBAUM of the Tribune's staff

A spokeswoman for the Stowers Institute for Medical Research in Kansas City warned last week that an anti-embryonic stem cell research climate was putting at risk the future expansion of the massive facility in the state...read more here.

ColumbiaTribune.com - News - http://www.columbiatribune.com

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The First Sanctioned Debate

The first sanctioned debate is tonight (July 23rd) at 7 p.m. eastern time in Charleston, South Carolina. CNN and YouTube have partnered to showcase the Democratic candidates. Get the latest from South Carolina all night at http://www.democrats.org/debate.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Chemical Cues Turn Embryonic Stem Cells into Cerebellar Neurons

The cerebellum, which is tucked into the lower, rear portion of the mammalian brain, contains neural circuits that are responsible for motor learning, motor memory and sensory perception. It's also the location of 40 percent of pediatric brain tumors. Mary E. Hatten, Rockefeller's Frederick P. Rose Professor and head of the Laboratory of Developmental Neurobiology, has been studying granule cells for 30 years; she sees her results as a step toward understanding how embryonic stem cells could be regulated in vivo and ultimately used for cell replacement therapy, especially after childhood tumors, in the central nervous system.

Hatten and postdoc Enrique Salero found that in order to get the embryonic stem cells to differentiate, progressing through each of the known steps of granule neuron maturation as they did so, the cells had to be treated with signals that induce specific transcription factors - proteins that can turn genes on and off - in a specific order. The researchers then implanted the newly differentiated cells into a specific spot in the brains of newborn mice, the gray layer on the surface of the cerebellum called the cerebellar cortex. Once in the brain, the cells extended parallel fibers, migrated to and incorporated themselves into the internal granule cell layer, and extended short projections called dendrites, something that neurons use to communicate with each other. Each of these steps, Hatten says, is characteristic of a typical granule cell.

Salero and Hatten then looked for evidence that their embryonic stem cells had not just gone through the developmental steps of young granule neurons, but that they also had the known markers of young granule neurons, including those indicating that the neurons had formed in the cerebellum. "We're excited about this paper because it's the first time that anybody has shown that a cell not only migrates to where it's supposed to go, but extends dendrites," Hatten says. "So they're actually in the synaptic network that's sitting on the cortex."

Hatten isn't yet convinced that the cells differentiated into true granule neurons. "There is such wild-eyed enthusiasm over stem cells," she says, "but it's very hard to know when you've provided sufficient evidence that a cell is actually what you say it is." So her next step will be to work with Nathaniel Heintz, an HHMI investigator and Rockefeller's James and Marilyn Simons Professor, to determine how close a genetic match the native granule cells are to the embryonic stem cell-derived versions.

"This whole field of stem cell biology is exciting, but also frightening because of the potential harm that could be done," Hatten says. "We have made a lot of progress with stem cells outside the brain, especially with the heart and skin. But neurons in the brain seem to undergo more complicated genetic changes as they progress through a long series of maturation steps. So we want to be absolutely sure that we're generating neurons that will aid, rather than hamper, brain function."


Friday, July 20, 2007

Michael Moore's Video About Healthcare

See Michael Moore's video about healthcare here: http://www.theunderrepresented.com:80/.

When you get to the site if you scroll down you can access the movie. It is about 1 hour 50 minutes.

Our Nations Health System

As Michael Moore's new movie makes clear, our nation's health system is Sicko! The best solution is single-payer national health insurance. HR 676, the U.S. National Health Insurance Act, is endorsed by more than 14,000 doctors and would provide comprehensive, universal health care coverage for all Americans.

Visit http://www.SiCKOCure.org to learn more and become a part of the struggle for real universal health care

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Howard Stern on Stem Cell Research

The religious right considers an in vitro fertilized egg equal to a human being. That theory is simply not true. These cells are in a dish, the egg was fertilized with another cell not sperm, and these cells cannot become an embryo until and unless it is introduced into the womb where it implants itself.

Read more ...

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Seventh Annual Research for Cure Charity Dinner

You are Invited!

The Seventh Annual Research for Cure Charity Dinner

A benefit for the Reeve-Irvine Research Center, UC Irvine

Sunday August 26, 2007 at 2 pm

At The Studio
Robert and Margrit Mondavi Center
For the Performing Arts
Davis, California

Announcing Special Guest Speaker
Hans Keirstead, Ph.D.
Leader in Stem Cell Research for cures of Spinal Cord Injury, Multiple Sclerosis
And other neurological conditions

Our theme this year is
“These Feet Are Meant For Walking!”
Wear your fanciest, funniest, most outrageous shoes.
Contests and prizes, a silent auction & live music promise an
Enlightening & wonderful event!

Catered by The Outback Steak House

$50 donation per person in advance. $60 at the door.
Table Sponsors and Sponsorships available.
Limited Seating make your reservations now!

Call Karen Miner for tickets & information.
(707) 678-6160
Visit our website www.researchforcure.org
Research for Cure is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization

Stem Cells in a Lab Dish

Are stem cells in a lab dish human beings?

Read more here:

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Press World has more than 80, 000 press releases and news on different subjects featured on their site Press-World.com.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Yvonne is reporting in on her vacation

Yvonne is reporting in on her vacation. She says:

Yesterday I was in the desert of Palm Springs, California hiking Tahquitz Canyon in 100 degree+ temperatures. Today I'm at La Jolla Beach, CA trying to find logding in time to enjoy the ocean. Tomorrow, I'll visit Burnham Institute (also in La Jolla) where I'll meet Dr. Evan Snyder, one of the foremost research scientists on stem cell research. He is writing the foreword for my book Right to Recover, Winning the Political and Religious Wars over Stem Cell Research in America. For more information about my book see www.right2recover.com. I will be back in my office on Monday, July 23 and I'll answer your emails then.

Jessica Dockter
Graphic Designer for Write On! Creative Writing Services

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Fundraiser for your stem cell research support group

If anyone is interested in a fundraiser for your stem cell research support group, this sounds like a winner.

Meral Guneyman, a Carnegie Hall pianist plans to donate a portion of the sales of her newest recording PLAYFUL VIRTUOSITY to support stem cell research. Furthermore, she is willing to do a stem cell tour, for airline, hotel and food expenses only. If a stem cell advocacy group could get a concert hall donated, they could charge tickets, and use the proceeds for the cause. Some events are already being organized. Go to Meral's Web site at www.meralguneyman.com and see her schedule found under news section.

Pianist Meral Guneyman made her orchestral debut in the United States under the baton of Michael Tilson Thomas as first price winner of the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra's Young Artist's Competition. She was promptly reengaged by Tilson Thomas to play the Schumann Concerto with the Pittsburgh Symphony. Her Carnegie Hall debut was as winner of the East & West Artists' International Competition. After winning the prestigious William Kappell International Competition at the University of Maryland she performed with Leon Fleischer and the Baltimore Symphony. Her accolades further include winner of the Juilliard School's Chopin Concerto Competition and Naumburg Competition finalist, which, once again, brought her to Carnegie Hall.

Ms. Guneyman, a Turkish born American citizen, holds the title of Turkish State Soloist, representing the Ministry of Culture of the Turkish Republic, worldwide. Her appearances have taken her to the Cervantes and Monterrey Festivals in Mexico; the International Istanbul Festival, The American Music Festival at the National Gallery in Washington; to Frederick Chopin Festival; the Presidential Symphony in Turkey; The Sarajevo Philharmonic; the Ljubliana Festival in Slovenia; and to Germany, Canada, France, Austria, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Belgium, Italy, England and Japan, as well to many major cities in the U.S. She has collaborated with many distinguished artists, Jazz legend Dick Hyman and cellist Efe Baltacigil among them.

Meral Guneyman is dedicated to the advancement of contemporary music. She has premiered works by such diverse composers as Dick Hyman, Ilhan Mimaroglu, and Justin Dello Joio. Her ability to move instantaneously and convincingly between the classical and jazz genres is a rarity.

Her recordings, regardless of the genre, have been received with universal acclaim. Her recording of the Frank Bridge sonata was heralded as among the five best of the year by Fanfare Magazine. She is listed in "Who's Who of American Women," and was singled out by David Dubal in "the Art of the Piano" for her recording of the Bridge Sonata. Paul Hume called her "A pianist to be heard again at the earliest opportunity." Writing for the New York Times, Bernard Holland said 'Ms. Guneyman has 'an imposing technique...a delicate feel for timbre,' and also for the New York Times, Raymond Erickson, reviewing her Carnegie Hall recital, observed that she ''tackled a difficult program and ripped through it as if it were child's play." Michael Tilson-Thomas with whom she has performed on numerous occasions has called her 'A highly sensitive artist with a wonderful, warm, romantic sound."

Meanwhile, if there is somebody you need to get a gift for this would be a delightful possibility. PLAYFUL VIRTUOSITY is available through Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, and any place excellent music is sold.

For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact:
Amber Haeckel

The Price We Pay for Letting Bush Slide; An Official Confesses Wrongdoing

Malena Amusa wrote an article titled: The Price We Pay for Letting Bush Slide; An Official Confesses Wrongdoing. The article appeared on RaceWire.com July 11, 2007.
Stem cell research promises life-saving treatments for millions suffering with chronic diseases such as cancer and sickle-cell anemia. A vast population of people of color who make up an increasing number of sufferers have a lot to gain from politicians standing behind important data showing the value of stem cell research.
Despite this, the Bush administration has worked diligently to suppress the truth about stem cell research and other imperative topics such as sex education, the reported today.
Former Surgeon General Richard H. Carmona under Bush confessed he was made to doctor data about health reports, give laudatory speeches about Republicans, and was even discouraged from attending the Special Olympics because, 'why would you want to help those people,' Carmona was told.
Read the article here: http://www.racewire.org/archives/2007/07/the_price_we_pay_for_letting_b.html

World Stem Cell Map

World Stem Cell Map
Here is a map I found while doing research for my book. The map shows different national policies toward stem cells, and the locations of stem cell research centers. Many centers are in countries where their is either no policy, or policies that discourage stem cell research.

A Common Tactic of Embryonic Stem Cell Research Opponents

Dear Editor,

A common tactic of embryonic stem cell research opponents is to lie about the efficacy of adult stem cells. There are 9 cures for blood cancers and disorders from adult stem cells after 40 years of research, not 60, 70 or whatever a writer happens to pick. The claims for Parkinson's disease are simply false. Use some common sense. How many "cured" people do you know?

Human blastocystic (unfortunately called embryonic) stem cell lines were first isolated in 1998 and since 2001 research on them has been restricted by an administration and political climate hostile to science.

It is impossible to know the results of research until it is done. Nobody knows what will work best for which disease or injury unless scientists are allowed to proceed without being handcuffed. Research is done to find answers to questions, not to substantiate what has already been decided to be true by a band of charlatans like David Prentice, James Dobson and George Bush.

You simply cannot be seen as compassionate, pro-science and intelligent and at the same time oppose embryonic stem cell research.

Rayilyn Brown,Board Member, Arizona Chapter National Parkinson's Foundation

Friday, July 13, 2007

Oregon Emergency

From the diary of diverdonreed:

It seems two Republican representatives had the audacity to be co-sponsors of a bill to support embryonic stem cell research in Oregon. Rep. Vicki Berger (R-Salem) and Rep. Bob Jenson (R-Pendleton) had taken a stand beside the 74% of Oregonians who support expanding the research. (poll: Portland-based Riley Research Associates, 2005)However, the Republican leadership quickly whipped them into line-forcing them to withdraw their support for the life-saving possibilities of stem cell research. How was this done? How could party leaders force an elected representative to vote against both their consciences and the will of their constituents? Learn how…

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bush War on Science

Dear Editor:

There is a war besides the one in Iraq going on in the United States. It is the Bush War on science. His administration has excluded scientists from policy discussions, slashed funding for scientific research, disregarded the recommendations of science advisory panels and pressured scientists to change the conclusions of studies that didn't support White House policy.

The Bush vetoes of embryonic stem cell research against the will of the
American people are especially egregious. At least 524 patient advocacy groups, scientific organizations and universities urged him to sign both Stem Cell Research Enhancement Acts, HR 810 and S5, but he has stubbornly persisted in his war on the sick and suffering.

A minority of Bronze Age "theologians" like David Prentice, James Dobson, Pat Robertson and their disciples have been allowed to dictate the kind of science that will be pursued and supported by our government. As a result of restrictions placed on embryonic stem cell research pushed by this band of charlatans, we may be forced to go to more enlightened places like Israel, Singapore, or the UK for help.

All while Senator Brownback of Kansas works assiduously to criminalize the research and punish patients who get treatment elsewhere with huge fines and imprisonment.


Rayilyn Brown
Board Member,
Arizona Chapter National Parkinson's Foundation rbrown@aznpf.org

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Stem Cell Treatment for Blindness Within 5 Years

British scientists aim to deliver the world’s first stem-cell treatment for blindness within five years. A team of researchers and clinicians will develop the use of embryonic stem cells to repair damaged retinas. Read more here…

Monday, July 9, 2007

Stem Cell Breakthrough: New Stem Cells from Clinically Unusable Human Egg

A major scientific breakthrough in stem cell research was today revealed by Lothian experts in a move that could lead to huge advances in medical treatment. For the first time, scientists from Roslin have managed to create new stem cells from a clinically unusable human egg.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Write a Letter to the Editor of your Newspaper

If you are inclined to send a letter advocating stem cell research to the editor of your local newspaper, please feel free to use one of the 50 sample letters posted on stem cell battle's Web site:

Saturday, July 7, 2007

56% of The US Public..

An article posted online says, "Fifty-six percent of the US public believes that it is more important to conduct stem cell research that may result in new medical cures than to avoid destroying the potential life of embryos involved in such research."

If only they knew that blastocystic stem cell research has nothing to do with embryos! This type of stem cell research is performed in a lab (not a human body) on a cluster of cells known as a blastocyst. These cells have no blood, no organs, no brain and no preference as to whether they are used to create a full-fledged embryo (must be implanted in a womb) or a heart cell. They simply want to create life and healing for the human body.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Infertility patients willing to donate unused blastocyst stem cells

In a survey of over a thousand patients who have created and frozen blastocysts at US fertility clinics say they'd be willing to donate their unused blastocysts for stem cell research, a new survey reports.

WOW! There’s a great concept! Using them for research. That might be even better than throwing them in the trash! Why protect medical garbage from a.) the scientist who want to use them for research and b.) sick and injured people who might benefit from therapies created from these cells?

Now you tell me which is more important: garbage, science or your own health.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Federal restrictions have not stopped research

Stem Cell Research Field Advancing Despite Disappointing Bush Veto

Since Aug. 9, 2001, when Bush announced limited support for blastocystic stem cell research, Dr. Kriegstein explains, universities have been working to develop stem cell programs within the limits of the president's guidelines. Due to the contamination of the cell lines Pres. Bush approved for research, private funding has been the main resource for any progress made with blastocystic stem cell research.

See http://www.cloningresources.com/for the article...

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Scientist Discover what causes cells to differentiate

As a fertilized egg develops into a full-grown adult, mammalian cells adopt careers as different cell types, from liver cells to neurons. One of the most fundamental mysteries in biomedicine is how cells make such different career decisions despite having exactly the same DNA.

Now a team led by scientists at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard and Massachusetts General Hospital has unveiled a special code--not within DNA, but rather within the so-called "chromatin" proteins surrounding it--that could unlock these mysterious choices underlying cell identity.

Read the article here...

Trial studies on stem cells

New trial - Current Protocols in Stem Biology

By uonlib

Published in affiliation with the International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR), Current Protocols in Stem Cell Biology (CPSC) covers the most fundamental protocols and methods in the rapidly growing field of stem cell biology. ...UoN Library News - http://uonlib.wordpress.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Norm Goldman speaks for Right to Recover

Norm Goldman has written an excellent review of my book and I'd like to share it with you here.

With her generously subtitled book, Right To Recover: Winning the Political and Religious Wars over Stem Cell Research in America, freelance writer and author, Yvonne Perry has provided us in considerable detail sound arguments why President George W. Bush was wrong in vetoing a bill which would provide federal funds for stem cell research.

This accessible and must-read book is essential for those who wish to know more about stem cell research reminding us that we must keep an open mind if we are to properly evaluate its worth and not be swayed by inaccurate arguments promoted by religious zealots or ignorant politicians.

Perry divides her well-researched book into thirteen chapters ending with an appendix of chapter notes and an extensive bibliography. Beginning with an overview, readers are exposed to what exactly are stem cells, the technology currently in use, bone marrow transplants, cord blood, and embryonic (blastocyst) stem cells. This is followed by an exposé of what the fuss is all about and the ethical issues involved. Throughout the early part of the book Perry clearly explains that there is no potential for the in-vitro (IVF)-derived blastocyst stem cells developing into a human embryo while in the lab. As she states: “Mother Nature must do that in the environment of a uterus. To believe otherwise greatly undervalues the woman’s role in creating offspring.”

Read the full text...

Monday, July 2, 2007

Stem Cells in Baby Teeth

Shirley Roe of Allbook Reviews received an interesting email response to the review she posted of my book RIGHT TO RECOVER, Winning the Political and Religious Wars over Stem Cell Research in America. Since the purpose of this blog is to help others stay abreast of the news on stem cell research of all types, I thought it would be helpful to post that response here. I am excited about this new discovery of stem cell in baby teeth!

Here's what Christian wrote:

I read your review of the stem cell book and you (and apparently the author) forgot to mention the most viable source of therapeutic stem cells. Baby Teeth.

I represent a company called BioEDEN. This is the world’s first company to effectively harvest and store stem cells from baby teeth. In 2003, Dr Songtao Shi, a leading researcher at the National Institute of Health, discovered the untapped resources of baby tooth stem cells. Using the baby teeth of his six year old daughter, Dr Shi was able to isolate and grow these powerful cells and preserve their future regenerative potential. Our scientists worked directly with Dr. Shi in his studies and were able to develop a proprietary technology, unique to BioEDEN, which lets us harvest and bank these valuable stem cells for future use. This is a very complex, labor intensive process. The cells are extracted from the teeth and then cultivated in an incubator for several weeks where they multiply and are observed to make sure there are enough cell and that they are healthy and viable enough to undergo several stages of cryogenic preservation. You cannot simply freeze the teeth or cells and they would be destroyed and would not be able to be re-animated for future use. These cells can not only be used to treat the donor child, but other members of the family as well and unlike cells from non family donors, there is no chance of rejection or transmission of disease. Stem cells from baby teeth have shown more promise to treat a wider variety of injuries and disease than cells from any other source.

As you know, stem cell therapy treats diseases by replacing dysfunctional or diseased cells with healthy, functioning ones. In fact stem cell research is the most promising path to curing many severe diseases and disabling medical conditions that would otherwise remain untreatable.

Stem cell therapy has been used successfully over 700 times in the U.S. over the last 10 years and it has been used many more times in other countries around the world. It is believed that stem cell therapy may eventually offer remedies for such conditions as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases, juvenile diabetes, spinal cord injury, MS, ALS, and certain forms of cancer and heart disease. Cell therapy is also being used in experiments to graft new skin cells to treat serious burn victims, and to grow new corneas for the sight-impaired.

The stem cells found in baby teeth are:

Chondrocytes are cells that have the ability to generate cartilage - which would have an important role in the treatment of arthritis and joint injuries.
Osteoblasts are cells that have the ability to generate bone.
Adipocytes are cells that have the ability to repair damaged cardiac tissue following a heart attack.
Mesenchymal stem cells are the most potent of all the tooth cells as they have the ability to develop into a wide range of other reparative cells.
I think people would really be interested in hearing about this exciting new scientific and medical breakthrough.

Christian Scarborough
Inventive Public Relations & Strategic Marketing
1301 Four Cabin Ct.
Round Rock, TX 78664

Sunday, July 1, 2007

The Hollow Core of "Compassionate Conservatism"

Dear Editor,

It is bad enough that today's Republican Party chooses war over peace, bigotry over tolerance, and the "lives" of microscopic undifferentiated cells destined for destruction over those of living, suffering people. But the tactics they use to achieve their evil ends are even more despicable.

The lies they tell about stem cell research have succeeded in delaying cures for the millions who suffer from disease or injury.

Because George Bush is a dangerous fool who knows nothing of science and takes orders from a god who apparently enjoys human suffering, the battle has been joined in the states.

In 2004 California passed Proposition 71 to fund embryonic stem cell research, but lawsuits brought by the Religious Right tied it up in the courts. In Texas, legislation was recently blocked by holding hearings in the middle of the night. A well-known stem cell research advocate who has Parkinson's disease was kept waiting to testify until 2:00 AM while schoolchildren took the stand to ask for prayer in the public schools. Similar manipulation of the legislative process also occurred in Florida.

In Oregon a bill to fund embryonic stem cell research was defeated by one vote after three Republicans, two of which co-sponsored it, were pressured to change their votes after being threatened by GOP party leaders that if they didn't, they would find someone to challenge them in the next election.

“Compassionate conservatism" is not only an empty phrase, it has become an insult.

Rayilyn Brown,
Board Member Arizona Chapter National Parkinson's Foundation