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Sunday, July 1, 2007

The Hollow Core of "Compassionate Conservatism"

Dear Editor,

It is bad enough that today's Republican Party chooses war over peace, bigotry over tolerance, and the "lives" of microscopic undifferentiated cells destined for destruction over those of living, suffering people. But the tactics they use to achieve their evil ends are even more despicable.

The lies they tell about stem cell research have succeeded in delaying cures for the millions who suffer from disease or injury.

Because George Bush is a dangerous fool who knows nothing of science and takes orders from a god who apparently enjoys human suffering, the battle has been joined in the states.

In 2004 California passed Proposition 71 to fund embryonic stem cell research, but lawsuits brought by the Religious Right tied it up in the courts. In Texas, legislation was recently blocked by holding hearings in the middle of the night. A well-known stem cell research advocate who has Parkinson's disease was kept waiting to testify until 2:00 AM while schoolchildren took the stand to ask for prayer in the public schools. Similar manipulation of the legislative process also occurred in Florida.

In Oregon a bill to fund embryonic stem cell research was defeated by one vote after three Republicans, two of which co-sponsored it, were pressured to change their votes after being threatened by GOP party leaders that if they didn't, they would find someone to challenge them in the next election.

“Compassionate conservatism" is not only an empty phrase, it has become an insult.

Rayilyn Brown,
Board Member Arizona Chapter National Parkinson's Foundation

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