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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

PAN Action Alert

Ray Brown posted a PAN Action Alert yesterday and we want to be ready to respond to the next legislative challenge in Congress. "Labor-HHS Appropriations" is the bill that would move the date of current federal policy on stem cell research from August 9, 2001 to June 16, 2007.

Let your Senators know you support this incremental effort to allow more stem cell lines available for research. Vote to come up before August. We are writing because we believe that getting more people to sign up for PAN's Action Alerts is vital to this effort.

We each have a wide network of contacts - let's contact them about signing up for PAN's Action Alerts.

Are you signed up?

Do you have children or nieces or nephews? Are they signed up?

What about your friends and neighbors? Are they signed up?

When you go to the doctor - why not ask her/him if they are signed up? Andthe nursing staff?

When I go to PD forums, I ask all of the Drug reps if they are signed up.

This is personal to us. It is we who suffer from this disease. We urge you to take a personal interest in this effort. It may be one of the most important advocacy tasks you take on this year. Congress listens when their constituents contact them about issues, and they really pay attention when large blocks of voters contact them. We need a large block of voters to sign up AND respond to PAN's action alerts. We need to mobilize PWP and their families and friends. Let's create a block that cannot be ignored.

Rayilyn Brown, AZ-NPF Board Member

and Jean Burns,

AZ-APDA Webmaster

Arizona Advocates fighting for change

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