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Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Price We Pay for Letting Bush Slide; An Official Confesses Wrongdoing

Malena Amusa wrote an article titled: The Price We Pay for Letting Bush Slide; An Official Confesses Wrongdoing. The article appeared on RaceWire.com July 11, 2007.
Stem cell research promises life-saving treatments for millions suffering with chronic diseases such as cancer and sickle-cell anemia. A vast population of people of color who make up an increasing number of sufferers have a lot to gain from politicians standing behind important data showing the value of stem cell research.
Despite this, the Bush administration has worked diligently to suppress the truth about stem cell research and other imperative topics such as sex education, the reported today.
Former Surgeon General Richard H. Carmona under Bush confessed he was made to doctor data about health reports, give laudatory speeches about Republicans, and was even discouraged from attending the Special Olympics because, 'why would you want to help those people,' Carmona was told.
Read the article here: http://www.racewire.org/archives/2007/07/the_price_we_pay_for_letting_b.html

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