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Monday, July 2, 2007

Stem Cells in Baby Teeth

Shirley Roe of Allbook Reviews received an interesting email response to the review she posted of my book RIGHT TO RECOVER, Winning the Political and Religious Wars over Stem Cell Research in America. Since the purpose of this blog is to help others stay abreast of the news on stem cell research of all types, I thought it would be helpful to post that response here. I am excited about this new discovery of stem cell in baby teeth!

Here's what Christian wrote:

I read your review of the stem cell book and you (and apparently the author) forgot to mention the most viable source of therapeutic stem cells. Baby Teeth.

I represent a company called BioEDEN. This is the world’s first company to effectively harvest and store stem cells from baby teeth. In 2003, Dr Songtao Shi, a leading researcher at the National Institute of Health, discovered the untapped resources of baby tooth stem cells. Using the baby teeth of his six year old daughter, Dr Shi was able to isolate and grow these powerful cells and preserve their future regenerative potential. Our scientists worked directly with Dr. Shi in his studies and were able to develop a proprietary technology, unique to BioEDEN, which lets us harvest and bank these valuable stem cells for future use. This is a very complex, labor intensive process. The cells are extracted from the teeth and then cultivated in an incubator for several weeks where they multiply and are observed to make sure there are enough cell and that they are healthy and viable enough to undergo several stages of cryogenic preservation. You cannot simply freeze the teeth or cells and they would be destroyed and would not be able to be re-animated for future use. These cells can not only be used to treat the donor child, but other members of the family as well and unlike cells from non family donors, there is no chance of rejection or transmission of disease. Stem cells from baby teeth have shown more promise to treat a wider variety of injuries and disease than cells from any other source.

As you know, stem cell therapy treats diseases by replacing dysfunctional or diseased cells with healthy, functioning ones. In fact stem cell research is the most promising path to curing many severe diseases and disabling medical conditions that would otherwise remain untreatable.

Stem cell therapy has been used successfully over 700 times in the U.S. over the last 10 years and it has been used many more times in other countries around the world. It is believed that stem cell therapy may eventually offer remedies for such conditions as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases, juvenile diabetes, spinal cord injury, MS, ALS, and certain forms of cancer and heart disease. Cell therapy is also being used in experiments to graft new skin cells to treat serious burn victims, and to grow new corneas for the sight-impaired.

The stem cells found in baby teeth are:

Chondrocytes are cells that have the ability to generate cartilage - which would have an important role in the treatment of arthritis and joint injuries.
Osteoblasts are cells that have the ability to generate bone.
Adipocytes are cells that have the ability to repair damaged cardiac tissue following a heart attack.
Mesenchymal stem cells are the most potent of all the tooth cells as they have the ability to develop into a wide range of other reparative cells.
I think people would really be interested in hearing about this exciting new scientific and medical breakthrough.

Christian Scarborough
Inventive Public Relations & Strategic Marketing
1301 Four Cabin Ct.
Round Rock, TX 78664

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Anonymous said...

Yvonne, this is what people need to know. If the book has not gone to press you could incorporate a bit of information on baby tooth stem cells, and the conspicuous silence of the news media on this topic. which would be great material for a second edition.