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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Why do you Believe What you Believe?

Fundamentalists honor martyrdom to the point that they teach codependency, female subservience, and total allegiance to their leaders. In this type of religion, I was taught that a wife should submit to the rule of her husband, to never question God or her pastor, and that the circumstances in my life were not my fault—it was simply God’s will for me to suffer. I was disempowered to believe that I was not responsible for my miserable life, so I kept waiting for God to bail me out or change my situation. I was miserable, but nothing changed.

When my first marriage ended, I began to question everything I had been taught and found that most of my religious beliefs simply did not make sense. Still praying for hours each day, religion and doctrine could not help me as I plummeted into depression and despair. In fact, those who had been my church friends scolded me for not having enough faith to prevent my divorce. So much for Christians being known for their love; judgment was all I received in the darkest hour of my soul. I had broken the rules of my religion and my religion no longer accepted me.

After forty years of indoctrination, I ended my relationship with religious establishments and sought my own path to find my connection that already existed with my Creator. That connection was not based on rules or tradition. As I moved away from the system of religion, and put aside the “to-do” list of the Church, I began to trust my intuition and heed the inner voice I had been ignoring for years. I began to take personal responsibility for my choices and regained my power as I exercised my own free will. I stopped allowing people to walk all over me or tell me what I should believe and what I could and could not do. I researched and studied all types of religion and found both truth and myths in each one. I found that the Bible has been altered many times to serve the agendas of politicians and leaders of the early Church and Roman government. In fact, Christianity has gone through many transformations over the years and the religion people in the U.S. practice today is not at all like it was in the beginning.

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