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Friday, September 14, 2007

Adult Versus Embryonic Stem Cells

by Don C. Reed

Adult and embryonic stem cells, each has its own potential,
Each is useful, each is good, both are sometimes controversial.
There are some who say adult stem cells can build a body bionic;
And they would STOP the other stem cell research, denying embryonic.

Adult stem cells are found in our bodies, after most of our growing is done.
But they are not built to multiply fast, and their purpose is really just one.
They are miniature repair kits, and we all are glad they exist.
But to call them the equal of embryonic-- is an illusion we must resist.

Adult stem cells are useful indeed, like a bandage for minor injury.
But one does not apply a band-aid, when it is time for major surgery.
Adult stem cells regenerate cells, but slowwwwwly, like a bald man growing hair;
But embryonic cells grew every portion of us, not just isolated cells here and there.

Adult stem cells, like gift certificates, are specialized, and sometimes rare.
Embryonic stem cells become anything, like cash money, spendable everywhere.
Adult stem cells help to heal little cuts, like zippers, making scars.
But the power of adult next to embryonic? Like a flashlight next to a star.

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