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Monday, September 3, 2007

The Perry Survey Comments

6. Any other comments?
Note: I corrected spelling and punctuation simply to make the comments clearer, but I have not corrected the responders’ grammar or changed any statements made even though some comments given by participants are not supported by scientific facts:

  • I find it extremely hypocritical for someone to be so cavalier about sending adult men and women to be killed in war, but yet can’t see the benefits to humankind from Stem cell research...what’s wrong with this picture? Greed.........

  • I had trouble with your question #2. Whether or not I believe it “kills an embryo” is sort of beside the point. I think the question is, am I OK with embryonic stem cell research, and I am.

  • I keep hearing that new discoveries might end the controversy over stem cell research. I wonder if this is true.

  • I think that anyone who is against any type of research that would help find cures or treatments for any illness is a selfish, cold-hearted, mean-spirited person who is not a member of the human race.

  • I think that we need to educate people on what EXACTLY stem cell research is. People are making the same uniformed, closed-minded decision that could be related to when the birth control pill came out. Then, it was considered abortion. Now, we are educated.

  • I think the public needs to be more educated. I also think it needs to be explained of what advantages you get with embryo stem research versus using the umbilical cord. I know in my mind that there are many advantages to stem cell research but it has never been clearly explained if it makes a difference where the stem cells come from.

These are some very eye-opening comments! Notice that more than half the responders to my survey base their opinion about blastocyst stem cell research on what they’ve heard in the media. Sixty-seven percent of the responders to my survey claim to be Christians and yet the results show 77.6% of them disagree with the president’s belief that an embryo is destroyed through blastocyst research. Ninety-two percent of those who took my survey believe blastocystic stem cell research may provide cures for disease and 75% say the government should step up to the plate and start funding the research.

If you would like to give your personal opinion about stem cell research, go to http://www.right2recover.com/ and participate in the survey I have set up online. Your comments will remain anonymous and I reserve the right to include the answers in any future book I write.

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