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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Perry Survey Comments

6. Any other comments?
Note: I corrected spelling and punctuation simply to make the comments clearer, but I have not corrected the responders’ grammar or changed any statements made even though some comments given by participants are not supported by scientific facts:

  • See that it is still an embryo thus this is my problem with it. Until it can be proven that this is not a human life I have to be against it. Hopefully the amniotic fluid stem cells will show promise or maybe cord blood stem cells will go on to treat more disorders.

  • So much has been done with umbilical cord blood, amniotic fluid, and adult stem cells, why risk the life of an embryo?

  • Some of the questions I clicked no on because I did not agree with either answer. This may skew your results.

  • Stem Cell is sent and created by GOD for his glory and should be embraced and studied to get people well of literally hundreds of debilitating diseases. People are so mislead by our government and media. THEY JUST DON’T KNOW THE FACTS and it is such a shame.

  • Stem cells can be collected from embryonic fluid when babies are born...Stem cell research shows a great deal of potential for treatment of some of life’s very worse diseased or injury.

  • The government funds numerous frivolous projects. This issue should be clearly researched and funding given if the preliminary tests show promise for improving the health status of ill patients.

These are some very eye-opening comments! Notice that more than half the responders to my survey base their opinion about blastocyst stem cell research on what they’ve heard in the media. Sixty-seven percent of the responders to my survey claim to be Christians and yet the results show 77.6% of them disagree with the president’s belief that an embryo is destroyed through blastocyst research. Ninety-two percent of those who took my survey believe blastocystic stem cell research may provide cures for disease and 75% say the government should step up to the plate and start funding the research.

If you would like to give your personal opinion about stem cell research, go to http://www.right2recover.com/ and participate in the survey I have set up online. Your comments will remain anonymous and I reserve the right to include the answers in any future book I write.

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