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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Perry Survey Comments

6. Any other comments?
Note: I corrected spelling and punctuation simply to make the comments clearer, but I have not corrected the responders’ grammar or changed any statements made even though some comments given by participants are not supported by scientific facts:

  • Killing potential human beings is never an option, especially when so much more promise and remarkable results have been had with adult stem cells. Anyone with a contrary view is in grave denial and their immortal soul is in danger.

  • Our government funds many, many inane research projects that make little (if any) contribution to moving the human race forward. It’s amazing to me that we would get so self-righteous about stem cell research. My ophthalmologist has been making remarkable strides in treating traumatic blindness with embryonic tissue (donated by mothers after delivery). Why can’t we do other projects with that kind of research and completely bypass the ‘moral/ethical’ considerations? No embryos are used in gathering this tissue. Even if we can’t find other ways to utilize post-partum embryonic tissue, I still support stem cell research. Do we have a choice supporting a war that has already killed thousands and has no resolution; approving a government contract that pays $700 for toilet seats; or funding stem cell research? I’ll take the research. It strikes me as a more intelligent and humane way to build the future.

  • Our motives matter more than our actions because God looks on our heart. Knowing that embryonic stem cell research has the potential to save lives, our intentions in this matter are honorable. Preserving life and promoting human health are among the most precious of values in both Jewish and Christian traditions.

  • Please distinguish adult stem cell research is CURING, embryonic is causing tumors.

  • Politicians are generally ignorant of science and therefore continue to screw around with other peoples lives.

  • Recent medical history reveals that most of the breakthroughs come from privately/corporately funded research labs. From what I understand, it’s not an issue of whether the government should fund this research as much as it is an issue of legislation that such research should be allowed.

These are some very eye-opening comments! Notice that more than half the responders to my survey base their opinion about blastocyst stem cell research on what they’ve heard in the media. Sixty-seven percent of the responders to my survey claim to be Christians and yet the results show 77.6% of them disagree with the president’s belief that an embryo is destroyed through blastocyst research. Ninety-two percent of those who took my survey believe blastocystic stem cell research may provide cures for disease and 75% say the government should step up to the plate and start funding the research.

If you would like to give your personal opinion about stem cell research, go to http://www.right2recover.com/ and participate in the survey I have set up online. Your comments will remain anonymous and I reserve the right to include the answers in any future book I write.

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