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Friday, November 30, 2007

Author Attempts Objective View of Stem Cell Research in Book

BY RON WYNN rwynn@nashvillecitypaper.com

Nashville author and speaker Yvonne Perry wanted to separate fact from fiction and investigate the controversy behind stem cell research and understand why it’s become such a divisive issue in America.

Perrys new book Right to Recover: Winning the Political and Religious Wars over Stem Cell Research in America represents more than 600 hours of intensive research coupled with interviews, insights and information from not only doctors and researchers but political and religious figures, plus stories from patients hopeful that their lives can be positively changed through stem cell implants.

Perry will be celebrating the release of her book in a multi-media event tonight at Borders Books & Music, and she acknowledges the volatility of the issue, and adds that while she respects the passion of many involved in the interview, her book represents an objective effort to examine the entire issue and the results of that activity.

“I was very personally moved to get involved and really find out more about stem cell research through meeting a couple of amazing people,” Perry said. “One was the son of Rev. Dan Bloodworth, who suffered a spinal cord injury in 1987. Rev. Bloodworth has spent more than 16 years of his life learning everything he can about stem cell research and sharing that information with anyone willing to listen, and he’s someone who really understands the emotional and religious opposition that in large part has been fueled by misinformation.

“Also while working with Michael Davis on the book From Tragedy to Triumph: A Personal Story about Living with Quadriplegia, that got me even more interested in the healing potential that blastocyst (embryonic) stem cell research offers for not only those with spinal cord injuries, but also Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s cancer, renal failure and other illnesses like heart disease. I wanted to get as many viewpoints as possible, and really do a credible and serious treatment.”

Perrys book has been endorsed by such organizations as Cure Paralysis Now, the Christopher Reeve Foundation and several states’ Parkinson’s foundations.

Among the topics covered in the book are Biblical Support for Blastocystic Research; a point-by-point rebuttal of President Bush’s statement on stem cell research; a look at what cloning has to do with stem cell research; and chapters devoted to national and international research, public opinion, the significance of federal funding, possible cures from stem research and separation of church and state.

Rev. Bloodworth will be speaking as part of tonight’s event, as well as attorney Mary Parker (John Edwards Presidential Campaign), with music from Tom Shinness.

While acknowledging that among current candidates her preference is for John Edwards, due to his statements on behalf of stem cell research, Perry emphasizes that her book was written as an educational and informational tool rather than as a political or advocacy one.

“I want everyone, even those who are opposed to stem cell research, to read the book and see that I’ve put together an objective work on the issue and that we don’t ridicule or demonize the opposition,” Perry said. “I’m very respectful of those who have religious opposition to it, and want to make sure that they fully understand the real situation about stem cell research and exactly what’s happen with blastocystic cell research.”CP


mizging said...

Thanks to the blog tour, I've had an interesting journey today. I'm deeply impressed with your research topic and I hope to read your book. Stem Cell Research is a controversial topic and I applaud you for writing about it.

I got interested while reading dissertations from Biology majors at the University of California Davis. I worked there for 23 years and part of my function was Manager of Admissions and Enrollment for the Biological Sciences programs. I believe I was a doctor in another life, so any medical topic holds interest to me, although I don't always understand the fundamentals. My co-workers used to come to be for diagnosing so they could compare my skills with their doctors. I amazed myself with what I knew, and had no explanation why I knew it. It just came. I must have also been a mechanic since I know weird things about Cars. My husband tells me I evidently worked in that capacity to pay my way through medical school. *lol*

Anyhow, thanks for the opportunity to enjoy your blog and those of the others involved in the tour.

http://mizging.blogspot.com is not nearly as impressive, but it can be fun.


sydney molare said...

Continued embryonic stem cell research is much needed. I find it ironic that a procedure which can potentially heal so many is objected by our leaders. You can bet if GW or a member of his family needed a stem cell infusion he'd jump on board in a heartbeat.