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Friday, October 19, 2007

Comments from Author Nick Oliva

After reading RIGHT TO RECOVER Winning the Political and Religious Wars over Stem Cell Research in America, author Nick Oliva wrote the following in an email to me. With his permission I publish his comments.

The Christ, the title given to Jesus of Nazareth comes from the ancient Greek pagan religion, hijacked by Paul. It was from the cult of Mithras (the Bull) on the isle of Crete and consists of a trinity with God the father, Christos the son, and the Spirit or Ghost entity. Paul destroyed the beautiful religion of Artemis (female god derived from Cybele) that turned into Diana in Roman times. The temple of Artemis was one of the 7 wonders of the world. Paul destroyed that religion with his "new" Christianity and forever changed the meaning of Jesus' reformation of Judaism and began the "great lie." Here's a slice of my book that slips this huge coverup of human history into a poem:

I once had a deep-rooted obsession with wanting to be able to understand my role and purpose in the world, my place in the physical and spiritual path of things. I found the world's religions intensely self-serving, as well as totally inaccurate with both archeological and scientific facts. The common thread was a hook that snared their following. Believe without question. Trust in their god and forsake all religions but theirs. The thought of millions needlessly killed angered me. I was, as most, swept up in alienation and feeling left out; and I wanted to believe, wanted to feel a part of something that provided spiritual energy. To tap the energy used for destructiveness, and use it to better the world, would be the primary wish of any Supreme Being. What resulted was typically human: Power and riches begotten from manipulating the common person's deepest emotions. Shards of an essay written while in college came to me. “The Persian wind brought with it the promise of Paradise, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Gilgamesh's years searching for the Elixir of Life in the streams of the Paradise, as the trading roads of Constantine’s Nicean deal of the century merged to one. The Halo of Helios merged with the Acolytes of Alexander and the polished ivory of Zeus. The face of Supreme Divinity then morphed by the pixels of 325 AD. Artemis’ virginity passed on, her icons buried, the trinity begotten. Paul’s conversion ruled, and James’ brother’s intent vanquished.”

Thanks for the book, Yvonne. Keep in touch!

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