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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Publishing Secrets of Authors

This interview was conducted by Dorothy Thompson and was originally published at PUBLISHING SECRETS OF AUTHORS at http://publishingsecretsofauthors.blogspot.com/2007/09/right-to-recover-winning-political-and.html

When I started my research I was sure that a publisher would want to publish my book. I asked for higher guidance and met Valerie Connelly of Nightengale Press one week later. I pitched my book idea to her and she accepted it right there on the spot. That was easy, I thought.

The next week I signed a contract with Nightengale Press and went to work in earnest to get my book finished by January 1, 2007. It was a deadline we both thought was realistic. What I had not expected to encounter was having the field of stem cell research change so rapidly. I kept finding new material and meeting new people in the field. It was hard to find a stopping place! My deadline came and went, and I was still digging through the material I had gathered. Still more was coming in.

I was almost ready to send the manuscript to Valerie at the end of January. That’s when I met Don C. Reed. Don has a son named Roman who was paralyzed in a college football accident ten years ago. He established the Roman Reed Spinal Cord Injury Research Act, “Roman’s law” and has gathered more than $40 million to research geared toward the cure of paralysis. He also worked on the passage of California’s Proposition 71 and knew everyone in the stem cell research field. I spent the next two months collecting more information that really needed to go into the book. In fact, the book wouldn’t have the punch it carries without the information I gathered from Don and his colleagues.

Finally, the book had to go to print if it was going to meet the printing date and go with Valerie to BEA in June. After the galley copy was printed full of errors but time was up! I continued to rewrite, edit and polish the book. I sent 24 pages of changes to the text for the final version. Since Lightning Source had to make so many changes after they have set up the print.

The final version will be printed at the end of this month.


Jennifer Brown said...

Boy, do you think most readers could realize or even appreciate the blood, sweat, and tears that went into an author's personal story of getting a book to publish? I always wonder about that, since every book has its own story about how it came into being -- like everyone has a labor/birthing horror story, so, it seems, does every author have a book-birthing horror story.

I admire your passion about your topic -- so much so that you found it hard to call it finished!

And yeah for you for the easy sale!!! :)

Yvonne Perry said...

Thank you for stopping by and leaving the terrific comments, Jennifer. Only another writer or author could appreciate the effort it takes to get a book into being. It is like birthing a baby. Then, with the marketing left to the author these days, it's like raising a child too!