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Right to Recover ~ Winning the Political and Religious Wars Over Stem Cell Research in America presents scientific facts that challenge readers to think for themselves rather than accept political or religious views on stem cell research.


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Monday, October 22, 2007

The Righteousness of Science

The Nashville Scene ran a review of RIGHT TO RECOVER on October 18, 2007.

A local writer makes the case for stem cell research
by Maria Browning

Embryonic stem cell research, which uses material from fertilized human eggs to explore possible treatments for a wide range of medical conditions, has become an issue the religious right counts on to mobilize voters. According to polls, Americans support embryonic stem cell research by a wide margin, but opponents have worked hard to tie it to the abortion debate. They’ve been so successful that for many people the very phrase “stem cell research” conjures up a grim vision of test tube babies, farmed for tissue and discarded. In Right to Recover: Winning the Political and Religious Wars Over Stem Cell Research in America (Nightengale Press, 322 pp., $19.95), Nashvillian Yvonne Perry tries to bring the rhetoric back to reality. She counters widely held myths by explaining the science of stem cells in layman’s terms, and makes a passionate case for pursuing the medical potential of this controversial research.



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