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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

$450 Million Research Bill Denied in New Jersey

The New Jersey Stem Cell Research Bond Act lost by a vote of 53% to 47% yesterday.

According to Don Reed (www.stemcellbattles.com) the campaign director, Russ Oster gave it everything he had, but the Religious Right with their powerful influence used great sums of money from anti-tax organizations to influence the vote.

The opposition spent about a $1 million on their campaign attacking blastocystic stem cell research. For the past six years they have used pulpit homilies, TV commercials, radio and print ads, glossy fliers and handouts, paid lobbyists and lawn signs to keep people from their right to recover.


Rayilyn Brown said...

The worst thing I find about the opposition to embryonic stem cell research is the lies they promote.

I have seen newspaper articles that joyfully proclaim taxpayers will not be forced to fund the cloning of human beings! All ESCR legislation I have ever seen prohibits the cloning of human beings. SCNT involes the replication of cells, not people.

Blastocysts are not fetuses, babies, kids or people; this is not an abortion issue, but the Religious Right wants you to believe it is.

The charge is levelled that ESCR has produced no cures, while ASCR has produced 100. ASCR, after 40 years of research, has produced 9.
ESCs were ony identified in 1998 and such research has been blocked by Bush since he took office. They judge research that has not yet taken place.

To someone like myself who is a Parkinson's disease prisoner, this adds insult to injury. It is bad enough to oppose life saving research and inexcusable to lie about it.

JJ Murphy said...

Apparently the State of New Jersey is not willing to borrow the money for a long term stem cell research project. I'm not sure how the money was supposed to be paid back.

Makes me wonder if the money were a grant, would NJ voters feel differently?