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Monday, November 12, 2007


Before I begin today’s column, I have to squelch a rumor. The rumor is that… MICHAEL J. FOX will be doing a radio commercial in support for the New Jersey Stem Cell Research Bond Act. Obviously, this would be the best possible news.

But it is not a rumor—it is the TRUTH!

The star of BACK TO THE FUTURE has once more stepped up to the bat for all of us. Go to www.NJforhope.org, and listen to our own Michael J. Fox speaking truth to power. (And while you are there, considering clicking on the “contribute” bar. Hang on a minute, I am going to do the same--

Okay, I am back. I just listened to Michael J. Fox speaking, and was so moved that I also clicked on the “contribute” button at the top—and I contributed (drum roll, please) $100, because I want Michael’s message to go out—he is donating his time for free, but the airtime to play that ad must be paid for.

Meanwhile, back to the present…

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