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Monday, November 26, 2007

Save the Whales, Save the Cells

Georgia has endured a severe lack of rain this summer and their water supply was greatly threatened because water from the lake that contains the state's drinking supply was released by a mandate to save mussels in Florida. I'm all for saving endangered species, but forgive me if I value human life over sea creatures. I realize both are important parts of our ecological balance.

However, I cannot understand why anyone who says they are pro-life would deny humans a chance for a better life through treatments and technology that may arise through blastocystic stem cell research. Why would they give preference to a clump of cells in a laboratory dish over living, breathing human beings? They do not have the scientific facts. They wrongly believe that embryos exist in a lab dish.

These right-wing religious groups want you to picture a tiny baby with recognizable arms and legs, little fingers and toes swimming in amniotic fluid. However, the truth is, IVF eggs are a clump of microscopic cells with no identity. DNA is found in every cell of our body, so having DNA is certainly not a qualifying factor to say that a cell is equal to a human being.

A fertilized egg does not equal pregnancy. Pregnancy occurs only when conception is complete. Conception requires that a blastocyst implant itself in the uterine lining (inside a woman, not in a lab dish). Pregnancy or conception is confirmed by testing hCG levels in the mother's blood.

"Save the eggs, Save the cells, save nascent life!" right-wingers advocate. I agree:

Let's save the eggs, save the leftover blastocyst cells
that are currently being flushed down the drain or placed in biohazard bags in in vitro fertilization clinics. Save the nascent life of these cells by releasing the date limiting funding for research and let's see what a real "Pro-life" is all about. Human life is the real endangered species.

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