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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Umbilical Cord Blood Can Save a Child’s Life

Mary Schneider was interviewed by Fox Network in Chicago about how stem cells made a difference in her son’s life. Another woman claims her life has been saved by cord blood stem cells. This interview is a must-see!

Here’s why you should save your child’s cord blood when you deliver your baby.
An Illinois friend of mine is a mother named Mary Schneider. She banked her son Ryan’s cord blood when he was born. Within a year or so Ryan was showing moderate signs of cerebral palsy. By age two, the child only weighed 25 pounds and was unable to eat. His upper body strength was severely decreased, and he had only a two-word vocabulary. After nine months of speech therapy, his vocabulary consisted of 40 words, but he still had no sentence structure. Only close family members could understand him. Mary worried that her son’s condition would only get worse.

Dr. Joanne Kurtzberg introduced stem cells from Ryan’s own cord blood to his body through a 20-minute intravenous drip of stem cells in the back of his hand. This was followed by two hours of saline drip to nudge the cells through his system. The cells then instinctively knew how to find their place and begin repair and regeneration. Within a week Ryan was showing progress and continued to improve in the weeks and months afterward.

Eight months after the infusion, the dexterity in Ryan’s hands and arms returned. Today the 4-year-old boy speaks clearly in coherent sentences and is at normal weight for his age group. He is testing at normal or even above average levels in motor skill tests. Since there are so few studies on cord blood infusion, it can’t be considered a proven treatment; therefore, insurance companies typically refuse to pay for the procedure.

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