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Thursday, November 8, 2007

WHY WE FIGHT: A New Jersey Mother's Words

As you know, New Jersey is fighting an uphill battle to win funding for stem cell research. On November 6th, just a few short days from now, that state will decide if it should spend $45 million a year for ten years toward that goal. (for more information, go to www.njforhope.org.)

According to a just-released study, the Seneca Study from Rutgers University, the annual financial cost to residents will be a (literally) a nickel a year per person, about 4.5 cents each. The financial benefits to an enhanced biomedical industry could be huge, the study points out, in numbers that make my eyes glaze over.

But that’s not why we are fighting.

If you live in New Jersey, you probably already know the Riccio family: a name that makes one stop, and take a breath, and nod, as when someone you respect passes by. Tricia Riccio is the mother of Carl, and she feels about her son the way Gloria feels about Roman, the way we all feel about our loved ones.

The love a parent feels about their son or daughter is universal-- but how we each react in a crisis is very individual. And folks, if you are ever in a fight for your life, you want someone like Tricia Riccio on your side.

Here she is:

“On February 22, 2003 my son Carl Riccio suffered a severe spinal cord injury while competing in a high school wrestling match, leaving him a quadriplegic. I don’t think I can put into words the emotions that a parent goes through when faced with something like this. Carl’s dreams for his future were immediately derailed by this tragic accident. We found out the only hope for a cure is in stem cell research. Carl has been strong enough to go on with his life and attends Villanova University where he lives a life as close as possible as any other college student. His dreams for the future include the hope that he will be cured of paralysis, so we must support stem cell research of all kinds."

“Since that day, I have dedicated myself to three goals: Helping my family cope with this unthinkable tragedy, raising awareness of the extraordinary potential of stem cell research to transform lives, and fighting to ensure that New Jersey invest the funds needed to advance this cutting edge science from hope to reality. I believe that we must arm our scientists with the resources they so desperately need in order to find the cures that we so desperately need."

“I want my son to walk again, and to run. I want him to be able to throw a ball and to catch it. I want him to become a father and a grandfather. I want my son to be able to swim in the ocean, and to be independent in his care. I want him to be able to feel the warmth of someone’s hand holding his. I want my son to have his life back. "

“These are my reasons, and if you ask a parent of a child with diabetes or cancer,
they will give you other reasons, probably different than mine, but really all the same. "

“I thank God every day that I have my son. We are fortunate to be living in
today's times with today's resources. Only a decade ago, there was no such hope for victims of Spinal Cord Injury. Now, because of stem cell research and the wonderful scientists who dedicate their lives to finding cures, there is hope..... REAL HOPE."

Forever hopeful,
Tricia Riccio

Why should New Jersey fund stem cell research? Carl Riccio is one very good reason; and so is someone you love.

Right now, the campaign to pass stem cell research in New Jersey is struggling. The polls show us LOSING by a hair… I don’t know what your politics are, and I don’t really care. But I am old enough to remember losing a couple elections that were so close—and I remember the consequences of those losses—and I don’t want to lose HALF A BILLION DOLLARS FOR STEM CELL RESEARCH for lack of a few lousy campaign fund bucks. Click on www.njforhope.org to contribute to this cause.

Don Reed

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