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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Mary Schneider for Illinois State Representative 50th District

Mary Schneider Receives AFL-CIO Endorsement

Mary Schneider, Democratic candidate for State Representative in Illinois’ 50th House District, is honored to receive the endorsement of the Illinois AFL-CIO.

“The Illinois AFL-CIO and I both have the same priority, to be an active voice for the working families in the State of Illinois. They advocate for an economy that works for everyone, health care for all, safe fair working conditions and a living wage. I believe that strengthening the middle class is an important step in strengthening the economy and creating a bright future for our children,” said Schneider.

Though this race is Schneider’s first run for public office she is no newcomer to politics. She has been an advocate for responsible Stem Cell research both in the Illinois Legislature and the U .S. Congress. In 2007 Schneider assisted in drafting legislation for the Illinois Cord Blood Banking Bill (SB0019) to standardize collection procedures and comply with federal regulations. She has worked with Governor Blagojevich, Senator Obama and has spoken with President Bush on the issue. Schneider was also a research adviser and contributor to the award winning book “Right to Recover – Winning the political and religious wars over stem cell research in America.

Born in Chicago and raised in the Midwest, Schneider studied Political Science and Pre-Law at University of Iowa. She then went into medical administration management. She and her husband, Steve, are raising their two children in Batavia, IL. She is currently serving her second year as Parent-Teacher Organization President at Alice Gustafson Elementary School in Batavia and is a member of the Batavia Interschool Council.

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