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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

NEW STEM CELLS: IP for Induced Pluripotent (iP)- and Intensely Political?

Using viruses and genes, scientists Shinya Yamanaka, Junying Yu, and Jamie Thomson recently reprogrammed skin cells into embryonic-like stem cells.

The new method, Induced Pluripotent Stem (iPS) cell research, may turn out to be hugely important—or not—or something in the middle. Not only the scientific world, but also millions of sufferers of chronic disease are eager to know its real value, as the new technique begins the long months and years of necessary testing, scrutiny and research.

Unfortunately, ideological groups are attempting to use the new method as an excuse to shut down embryonic stem research—while crediting its known opponents.

Chief among the latter is President George Bush, who twice vetoed the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act, and who supported jail sentences and million dollar fines for scientists involved with nuclear transfer, an advanced form of stem cell research.

Suddenly, Mr. Bush was being heaped with praise by conservatives, crediting for having somehow inspired the new research. Typical was the Discovery Institute’s Wesley Smith:

“So thank you for your courageous leadership, Mr. President. …we now have the very real potential of developing thriving and robust stem-cell medicine… that will bridge, rather than exacerbate, our moral differences over the importance and meaning of human life.”—National Review, “Bush Bears Fruit”, 11/20/2007

The Catholic Conference of Bishops has called upon the state of New York to transfer all its embryonic stem cell research (ESCR) funding to the new method. Several states are now considering legislation which would essentially ban ESCR—alleging that it has now been proven unnecessary….

Are they right? Read a brief (10 pages) compendium of quotes from expert witnesses on Don Reed’s Web site.

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