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Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Important steps are being taken to advance stem cell research. It is important to let people know the huge steps our scientists are taking. Today, I am posting the first of twelve steps to inform you of the latest developments in this field. These steps were given to me by Don Reed of Stemcellbattles.com.

Despite political attacks and chronic under-funding, embryonic stem cell (ESC) research is advancing every day. Across America and around the world, scientists are using the amazing cells to fight chronic disease and disability. Every piece of new information is a victory, bringing us ever closer to cure.

Here are just a few recent advances as noted by Don Reed www.stemcellbattles.com co-chair of Californians for Cures. For more information, visit the excellent website, www.sciencedaily.com, where Don located each experiment listed below. To get a closer look at a scientist’s efforts, type his or her name into the site search box; it will take you to their write-up, and beyond that to the original source papers.

1. MY ACHEY BREAKY HEART: Stem cells can’t help when romance goes wrong—but what about re-growing cardiac muscles after a heart attack? At the University of Washington, Dr. Chuck Murry is attempting to do just that—and with laboratory rats, he is succeeding. Using human ESCs and a cocktail of growth-encouraging proteins, Murry was able to improve function in 100% of his test rats’ damaged hearts.

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