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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Why is Stem Cell Research so Controversial?

I can see people not liking abortions, but considering how stem cells are created, I can only blame the sentiment against it on misinformation. If anyone's familiar with in vitro fertilization, they'd know that far more embryos are produced than what could possibly be used. Most pregnancies require fewer than three or four (many are successful on the first embryo) and yet hundreds are created in the process. They're frozen for storage, but can only survive for so long. I don't remember the time they survive frozen, but there's always an excess that's disposed of.

The way some argue it, using them for medical research amounts to murder. Well, fact of the matter is that there's no real potential for life because there are simply too many of them compared to the number of women needing an embryo. Those of you who absolutely oppose SCR, do you really prefer they all just stayed frozen until they die naturally? If so, why, and please don't tell me this is moral because you're not only failing to save the embryo, but you're also allowing people who could benefit from such research to suffer from the lack of it.

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