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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Documentary on Stem Cell Research

Have you checked out the Wisconsin Stem Cell Now, Inc. web page lately? There have been many additions lately, including the addition of a blog where you can comment on news and developments. Take a look, and check back regularly for more changes as we continue to revamp the site and make it more user friendly.

Also, be on the lookout for a documentary on stem cell research that will be screened at the Wisconsin Film Festival. The film, Mapping Stem Cell

Research-- Terra Incognita, puts a human face on stem cell research and explores the immense legal, moral, and ethical issues surrounding advances in medical research. You can read more about the film at www.stemcellfilm.com. The film will screen in Madison at the Wisconsin Film Festival on Sunday April 6th at 11:15am.

Many of you have no doubt heard that Madison will be the site of the World Stem Cell Summit this coming September 22-23. Look to the website for more information as it becomes available. We are hoping that Wisconsin Stem Cell Now will play a role in this gathering of leading researchers and policy experts from across the nation.

Ed Fallone
Wisconsin Stem Cell Now, Inc.

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