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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Disability Advocates: Republicans or Democrats?

Oregon state legislator Sara Gelser, a disability advocate and the mother of a girl with developmental disabilities, examines the candidates' records and says: "Being the parent of a child with Down syndrome does not ensure that Palin will be an effective advocate for people with disabilities, any more than Dick Cheney being the parent of a lesbian daughter has made him an effective advocate for equality."

The McCain/Palin campaign has not articulated any plan to improve the health and independence of people with disabilities. In contrast, the Obama campaign has a multi-page plan that talks about the needs of people with disabilities and their families and specifically addresses housing, education, health care, employment and discrimination.

Read "Empty Promises to Desperate Parents" by Rep. Sara Gelser.

Also see Special Needs Truth '08



Mark Miller said...

Thanks for posting this. You might also appreciate http://specialneeds08.blogspot.com

t.a. said...

Sara's son, Sam, is her disabled child. he's a great kid, too.

t.a. said...

and that previous comment was meant to inform that Sam is a boy, not a girl.