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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Donating Unused Embryos to Science Gets Complicated

Chris and Tanya Bailey of Mission Viejo, Calif., have a 3-year-old and triplet toddlers, all conceived through in vitro fertilization. After the birth of the triplets, they had 13 embryos left over in cryopreservation.

The idea of discarding them made the couple uneasy.

“I thought of them as potential life, but I don’t think of them as children,” says Chris Bailey. “They are definitely more than sperm and egg.”

After much discussion, the couple decided to donate the embryos to research.

“We felt we were so lucky that research had been done and [that it] gave us the opportunity to have children,” says Tanya Bailey. “So why not give our embryos to research as well to help somebody else out?”

The decision to donate to research, says Chris Bailey, “was a logical choice.”

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1 comment:

Michelle Greer said...

I've actually heard this is the source for most embryonic stem cells. I have no idea why pro-life people will not listen. I respect someone's decision to be pro-life, but not when it interferes with their ability to listen to facts.