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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Obama plans to lift Bush's ban on stem cell research

U.S. President Barack Obama may soon issue an executive order lifting an eight-year ban on embryonic stem cell research imposed by his predecessor, President George W. Bush.

In an article by Reuters today, the reporter indicated that stem cells come from cells that must be extracted from human embryos. That makes it sound like these cells are being taken from the womb, and this simply is not true. I wish the media would clarify that these cells are being cultivated and stored in a laboratory, not a woman's body. 

Federal funding will not destroy any embryos. The cells used by scientists come from blastocysts leftover from in vitro fertilization. Those cells would have been disposed of anyway, unless they are adopted by another couple!  The freezer life of these cells are not eternal, so while we are waiting for a reversal, a decision is being made. We have decided that these cells are better off in the trash than they would be if used for research that could help millions of living human beings. A sad commentary for all of us--especially conservative pro-lifers.

The Bush Administration did not ban research on all blastocyst cells; just on the ones created after April 2001.  Therefore, Bush is not a hero for saving poor little embryos that were on the chopping block. Those cells are still being discarded. Instead, he delayed research that could have advanced science to a point where we could have seen cures for many illnesses by now.

Blastocysts created prior to 2001 used old technology and a limited cross-section of the population. Newer technology is easier to work with and represents better diversity. Obama's reversal of Bush's veto will still mean we are eight years behind schedule, and that people have had to suffer (and die) for a religious cause based on a misinformed opinion rather than scientific fact.

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