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Monday, February 2, 2009

Time Magazine Front Cover Story on Stem Cells

Time Magazine published a cover story today on stem cell research. It's a good article, but their graphic Web exclusive in error shows embryonic stem cells being removed from a woman's womb at two weeks after fertilization. While those cells could be used, this is not the typical process for deriving cells used for research and treatment. The cells used for research are taken from blastocysts (2-5 days after fertilization) leftover from in vitro procedures. These cells have never been inside a woman after fertilization. These cells would have been discarded if not used for research.

It is this type of misinformation that gives fuel to the myth that embryonic stem cell research kills babies. This should be corrected in the media if we are ever to see the full benefit of what these cells can do. We already know they can cure spinal cord injury in a rat. Let's not hold up the research with any more false information like this.

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