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Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Year in The Life of California’s Stem Cell Research Program

This is a continuation of an article titled “A Year in The Life of California’s Stem Cell Research Program” written by Don C. Reed, Sponsor of Roman Reed Spinal Cord Injury Research Act, Founder and Co-Chair of Californians for Cures, and Vice President of Public Policy for Americans for Cures Foundation


If the financial equivalent of Hurricane Katrina crashes down upon us, (and it did) we have only two choices: adjust, or let the program die.

First, every new grant comes with a proviso that the money will be provided if and when it is available. Some extremely worthwhile projects may have to be delayed a year. This is just a fact of economic life.

Our program depended on selling bonds.

If California cannot sell bonds, will we be able to keep the stem cell program alive?

Here is the official CIRM answer.

“CIRM’s Financial Commitments Are Secure… CIRM currently has significant cash reserves of $160 million, which can fund all existing commitments through at least September. The agency’s plans have always called for raising new capital on a cash-flow, as-needed basis. We expect the traditional bond market will open soon with resolution of California’s budget situation. To supplement this public bond market, CIRM is working with the State Treasurer’s office on a CIRM private placement of $200 million in general obligation bonds this year and $200 million again next year… The Agency intends to continue the planning and review needed to maintain its mission on schedule…”

The men and women of California’s stem cell program have taken up the gauntlet, accepting this new challenge.

They deserve the support and thanks of a nation.

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