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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Proposition 71 Living Up to Its Promises

Don C. Reed, Founder of Roman Reed Spinal Cord Research Act of 1999, edited my book Right to Recover.  SFWeekly.com ran a story about CIRM's effectiveness to find cures or treatments using blastocystic stem cells for research.  Read the story here...

Alan Selsor poses the question as to whether or not the $3 billion granted by Proposition 71 make California a new, cutting-edge industry that could, in turn, develop such cures and treatment? 

To that, I reply, "California (particularly San Diego) is already the stem cell research capital of the world. If CIRM hadn't had to fight court battles with the opposing religious right-wingers who are trying to stop the research, perhaps they could have focused on the research and found cure/treatments by now."

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