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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Why is Research Not Pro-Life?

I use the term "blastocyst" whenever possible; I understand it is technically a "pre-embryo." "Embryo" falsely conjures up some kind of entity from which cells can be torn and has been very costly in getting the public to understand what we are talking about.

This unfortunate appellation has allowed opponents of ESCR to confuse it with the abortion issue. Apparently the IVF clinics don't consider it to be a person as they dispose of the extras without penalty or much fanfare. There is no big movement to shut down IVF clinics. Are those thousands of blastocysts to all be adopted, thrown away, stored forever? What should happen to them?

Why is research not pro-life?

I really believe if people could see what we are talking about, they would favor ESCR. I don't consider a blastocyst to be any more sacred than a sperm or an egg and all of them don't become people and they also contain DNA. I still see fetuses and "tiny humans" referred to on the internet by opponents when they blast ESCR. This proves that they don’t understand the science behind the research.

Rayilyn Brown
Director AZNPF
Arizona Chapter National Parkinson Foundation rbrown@aznpf.org

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