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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Mary Schneider’s Story: Stem Cells and a Mother’s Unrelenting Drive to Reverse Her Son’s Cerebral Palsy

Mary Schneider knew something was wrong with her son’s development well before his doctors returned a diagnosis. Ryan could only say a couple of words by age two and his arms were curled and rigid. Worse, severe feeding difficulties limited his growth to just 25 pounds in those two years.

It was then that Ryan’s pediatrician referred his family to a neurologist who diagnosed Ryan with mild to moderate cerebral palsy. As has been the case for so many children before him, that diagnosis marked the beginning and the end of Ryan’s neurological treatment. And like so many parents before Mary, Ryan’s diagnosis marked the beginning of an emotional quest for better medical options for her beloved son.

But unlike many parents, Mary Schneider seems to have found an option that worked.

eNews recently caught up with Mary to ask her about her family’s journey to Duke University Medical Center where Ryan received a transfusion of his own umbilical cord blood stem cells - a procedure that seems to have reversed the onset of his cerebral palsy.

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Mary Schneider is currently working to pass Illinois Senate Bill 0019, which would establish a statewide network of cord blood banks, and advocating for the distribution of funding from the C.W. Bill Young federal cord blood banking bill. In 2006 she spoke at a press conference prior to Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich’s awarding of five million dollars to stem cell researchers in that state. Mary continues to council parents seeking treatment for their children at Duke University, a service she provides entirely on a volunteer basis.

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