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Right to Recover ~ Winning the Political and Religious Wars Over Stem Cell Research in America presents scientific facts that challenge readers to think for themselves rather than accept political or religious views on stem cell research.


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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Book Review by AllBooks Reviews

Right to Recover: Winning the Political and Religious Wars over Stem Cell Research In America

Author: Yvonne Perry

If you have been unable to settle on an educated opinion concerning stem cell research, this well laid out book should end your dilemma.

Stem cell research is being conducted for both medical and scientific reasons. It could be the answer to many debilitating and terminal afflictions including Cancer, Parkinson's Disease, Arthritis, Spinal Cord Injury and many more.

It is clearly evident that Yvonne Perry has spent countless hours researching the two categories of stem cells; adult and embryonic. “Adult Stem Cells” are harvested from umbilical cord blood, the placenta, amniotic fluid and bone marrow. “Embryonic Stem Cells” are harvested from fertilized eggs created in-vitro (outside the body). It has already been proven that adult stem cells can repair and regenerate diseased cells. Stem cells contain pertinent information as to how the cell develops. From this information the scientist can learn what is needed to prevent genes from becoming dysfunctional or produce drugs or treatment to cure the ones that are already diseased.

Without overstepping, Yvonne Perry presents both religious and political opinions. The facts that she enlightens us with are enough that we should all ponder what is really going on in the name of religion and politics. Just how much either can control our present and our future.

The author, Yvonne Perry has surpassed her goal of educating each reader with an honest evaluation of this controversial subject. Stem cell possibilities are without a doubt a realistic aspect of our future yet an ethical and political debate in our present. ‘Right to Recover’ is complete with Index, Appendix and Bibliography, with well laid out current information. She is a freelance writer, author, keynote speaker and ghostwriter. Her books are evidence of her natural desire to assist people along a spiritual path, as they are well researched and challenge people’s belief systems.

I would highly recommend everyone read this book.
Reviewer: Cheryl Ellis, Allbooks Review.

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Title: Right to Recover: Winning the Political and Religious Wars over Stem Cell Research in America
Author: Yvonne Perry
ISBN-13: 978-1-933449-41-8
Publisher: Nightengale Press
Pages: 324
Price: $19.95
June 2007


bmmg39 said...

Opposition to embryonic stem cell research is really rooted in science, not religion. It is from science textbooks and encyclopedia entries that we know that human embryos are nothing less than human beings -- whether existing in a womb or not. How misinformed people sound when they criticize President Bush and those who agree with him for being "anti-science" when they themselves are ignorant of something they should have learned in the seventh grade.

Yvonne Perry said...

When you and I were in 7th grade, fertilization and conception happened inside a woman's body. With the invent of in vitro process, fertilization and conception are separate events with different definitions. Fertilization can happen in a lab or inside a body. Conception and implantation necessary for the formation of an embryo cannot happen outside the body.

A developing embryo implanted in a uterus is nascent life; a cluster of cells in a lab Petri dish is not. Check out the scientific and encyclopedia definitions of embryo I posted here: lifehttp://right2recover.blogspot.com/2007/04/excerpts-from-right-to-recover.html