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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Wisconsin Stem Cell Now

Today President Bush followed through on his promise to veto legislation in Congress that would have allowed federal funding of research using excess blastocysts donated by fertility clinics.

Critics of stem cell research simultaneously tie the hands of researchers and criticize them for their lack of progress. Meanwhile, those of us who see the potential for medical breakthroughs wait and get frustrated.

Beginning in early 2007, the Board of Directors of Wisconsin Stem Cell Now began a process of rethinking the strategic vision and growth of our organization. We have been speaking with lobbyists, public relations firms, and other nonprofit groups about ways for our organization to become a bigger player in the public debate. The process has been slower than I would like, but I am confident that Wisconsin Stem Cell Now can make the next step from a group of parents, spouses and volunteers to an organization that can get the attention of policymakers.

Your continued support is crucial to our success. I will keep you informed of developments with our organization.

Thank you,

Ed Fallone
Wisconsin Stem Cell Now, Inc.
phone: (414)412-5772
email: info@wistemcellnow.org
Visit Us On The Web: www.wistemcellnow.org

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