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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bush War on Science

Dear Editor:

There is a war besides the one in Iraq going on in the United States. It is the Bush War on science. His administration has excluded scientists from policy discussions, slashed funding for scientific research, disregarded the recommendations of science advisory panels and pressured scientists to change the conclusions of studies that didn't support White House policy.

The Bush vetoes of embryonic stem cell research against the will of the
American people are especially egregious. At least 524 patient advocacy groups, scientific organizations and universities urged him to sign both Stem Cell Research Enhancement Acts, HR 810 and S5, but he has stubbornly persisted in his war on the sick and suffering.

A minority of Bronze Age "theologians" like David Prentice, James Dobson, Pat Robertson and their disciples have been allowed to dictate the kind of science that will be pursued and supported by our government. As a result of restrictions placed on embryonic stem cell research pushed by this band of charlatans, we may be forced to go to more enlightened places like Israel, Singapore, or the UK for help.

All while Senator Brownback of Kansas works assiduously to criminalize the research and punish patients who get treatment elsewhere with huge fines and imprisonment.


Rayilyn Brown
Board Member,
Arizona Chapter National Parkinson's Foundation rbrown@aznpf.org

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