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Saturday, July 14, 2007

A Common Tactic of Embryonic Stem Cell Research Opponents

Dear Editor,

A common tactic of embryonic stem cell research opponents is to lie about the efficacy of adult stem cells. There are 9 cures for blood cancers and disorders from adult stem cells after 40 years of research, not 60, 70 or whatever a writer happens to pick. The claims for Parkinson's disease are simply false. Use some common sense. How many "cured" people do you know?

Human blastocystic (unfortunately called embryonic) stem cell lines were first isolated in 1998 and since 2001 research on them has been restricted by an administration and political climate hostile to science.

It is impossible to know the results of research until it is done. Nobody knows what will work best for which disease or injury unless scientists are allowed to proceed without being handcuffed. Research is done to find answers to questions, not to substantiate what has already been decided to be true by a band of charlatans like David Prentice, James Dobson and George Bush.

You simply cannot be seen as compassionate, pro-science and intelligent and at the same time oppose embryonic stem cell research.

Rayilyn Brown,Board Member, Arizona Chapter National Parkinson's Foundation

1 comment:

James said...

The Bush Administration and the Republican Religious Right who think they represent the majority of American may think they have good reason to advocate a continued moratorium on embryonic stem cell research, but soon, the perceived societal benefits of such research will far outweigh the perceived moral objection by the mindless Republican Conservative Religious Right.
A cure for Cancer, Diabetes, MS, ACL, MD or Alzheimer is all it will take for this issue to finally reach the tipping point. What will a member of the Bush Administration or the Republican Religious Right; facing a choice between futures lives of Alzheimer or MS do when a new cure based on an embryonic stem cell becomes available. Most of President Bush's "dead-head" policies will become increasingly hard to sustain.
Here's a suggestion for the Bush Administration and the Republican Conservative Religious Right to rallying support for his stand against embryonic stem cell research. With the Fox News Network cameras rolling at the White house. The Bush Administration and the Republican Conservative Religious Right and their like-minded political friends (and their families) should gather at the White House to re-affirm their beliefs that medical treatment derived from embryonic stem cell research by signing a Presidential Proclamation stating that they all will never under any circumstances, accept any form of medical treatment for themselves or their children derived from embryonic stem cell research. Example has always been the most effective component of leadership; however two-facedness will most likely win the day.