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Friday, August 10, 2007

Two Lies about Stem Cell Research

Opponents of embryonic stem cell research such as Georgene Sorenson (letters 7-20-07) always resort to two lies:

One is that ESCs are not necessary because ASCs have cured 60, 70, or 80 diseases already. The truth is that after 40 years of research, there are nine cures not however many a writer decides. The three citations for Parkinson's disease in the Prentice "cure" list are simply false. I talked to Dennis Turner on 3-24-06 and his PD has returned, Patricia Payne was never in Dr. Levesque's Phase II because it never took place and ten Kentuckians in Amgen's aborted GDNF infusion therapy trials did not receive stem cells of any kind. Use some common sense. How many "cured" people do you know?

The other fiction is that ESCR involves dismembering a tiny human being. Nothing could be further from the truth. The blastocysts in question are microscopic undifferentiated cells that will never do anything but replicate unless implanted in a uterus. There would be no argument at all if a blastocyst was a person. This phony vision of what is involved and "slippery slope" threats handcuffs scientists and prevents millions of living, suffering people from being helped.

The notion that people should not have to support with federal funds things they deem immoral just does not square with reality. I pay taxes for a war I consider to be both immoral and illegal. Sorenson can opt out of any treatments derived from ESCR.

The American people should not be forced to follow the dictates of someone else's faith rather than reason. Over 520 universities, scientific organizations, patient advocacy groups and churches, as well as a majority of the American people, support federal funding of embryonic stem cell research. Even a majority of Catholics support ESCR.

Finally, it makes no sense to judge research that has not yet been done. ESCs were isolated in 1998 and due to the Bush administration and the Religious Right's roadblocks, a hostile environment will drive scientists abroad.


Rayilyn Brown
Board Member AZNPF
Arizona Chapter National Parkinson's Foundation
Surprise AZ 85374-8938

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