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Friday, August 24, 2007

Why do you Believe What you Believe?

The idea of humans being depraved sinners has placed leaders of certain religious sects in a lofty place of superiority. Believing that one is exclusive and special to God for having believed the mandates of a certain religious doctrine isolates people from others who believe they are sparks of creative life force expressing in a variety of ways: human and animal form, plant life, elemental and nature spirits, and any number of deities or other manifestations of All That Is.

This altered version of Christianity is still powerful in our world today—especially in politics. Neo-Conservatives and Fundamentalists of the right-wing group wield a great influence in our government as they try to legislate morality and determine what behavior is socially acceptable and what is not. They believe they should have a say about what goes on in another person’s bedroom and who can and cannot be married. They have also delayed funding for a very important biology that has great potential to help people with illness and medical conditions. The term “embryonic” stem cell research is a misnomer because the research is not performed on a fish-like embryo; it is conducted in a laboratory on a clump of cells known as a blastocyst. The right-wing position that a tiny baby embryo is being destroyed by blastocystic stem cell research is a blatant lie yet many of these people cannot say why they believe this. It may be because someone they look to for leadership has told them it is true and they have not questioned it or done any research to find out otherwise.

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