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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Why do you Believe What you Believe?

I have spent hundreds of hours researching all types of stem cell research for my book Right to Recover: Winning the Political and Religious Wars over Stem Cell Research in America (see http://www.right2recover.com/). I have exposed the false claims of the right-wing party, who say that adult (multipotent) stem cells hold the same potential as blastocystic (pluripotent) stem cells. I give reasons why it is not scientifically possible for an embryo to exist in a Petri lab dish. I have presented all the facts needed to help people make an informed decision and “own” what they believe about blastocystic stem cell research.

Generations have passed down their traditions and beliefs without having traced those ideas back to their root. What about you? Do you know the origins of your religion? Are your beliefs your own or do they belong to an organization that seeks to control your mind and free will? Are the tenets of your religion really worth keeping? When you are able to step back from your belief system and assess it for what it’s worth, you may find that you really don’t agree with certain rules or dogma. And, you may find that some of your beliefs are no longer serving your highest good.

I can’t over emphasize how dangerous it is to give away your free will and personal power to any religion or political leader. Whether it pertains to stem cell research or your religious dogma, it is important to know why you believe what you believe, and then claim your own truth.

Yvonne Perry is a metaphysical author and keynote speaker who enjoys assisting people on a spiritual path. Her open style of writing is lovingly controversial and challenges people’s belief systems in order to help them grow spiritually. As the owner of Write On! Creative Writing Services based in Nashville, Tennessee, she and her team of ghostwriters service clients all over the globe by offering quality writing on a variety of topics at an affordable price. Get a complimentary eBook when you subscribe to her free monthly newsletter. Contact Yvonne at writer@yvonneperry.net or visit her Web site: www.yvonneperry.net .

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