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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Are We Cloning Babies?

by Don C. Reed

Before every medical advance,
There is always the darkness of ignorance.
Misunderstandings delay us, bog us down in endless strife;
And the biggest fear is this; that stem cell research means creating a life.

This is false, false, false-- there are no cloned babies.
Neither kids nor pregnancies involved, on this there are no maybies.
If somebody crooked tried to clone a child, that crook belongs in jail;
Do not pass go, expect massive fines, no one should post their bail.

Cloning is for gardeners, who cut “slips” and plant them, every day.
But we don’t need it for babies, we can make them the old fashioned way.
Reproductive cloning (like Dolly the sheep) must never be allowed.
But SCNT, which is stem cells for cure—of that we can all be proud.

Cells, cells, nothing but cells, that is what we are here for;
Cells to bring hope to those we love, the suffering ones we care for.
To take a cell from a diseased body, and fix it, make it right;
And use it to heal its owner? That is a step forward, into the light.

1 comment:

MLO said...

This irks me. There is no GOOD solely ethical reason for the prohibition on reproductive cloning. There are sound scientific reasons at this time, but really, why the fear of cloning?

Maybe because I grew up with lots of twins around me I have no fear that clones will be exact replicas of one another, they will simply share the same DNA sequencing. Big deal.

The ban on reproductive cloning may condemn many men and women to infertiility, and that is wrong.